Sympatex and bleed

Equipped for the outdoors – with weather and climate protection

Sympatex and bleed functional wear

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A true novelty in sustainable functional clothing: The “guaranteed green” membrane from Sympatex – 100 percent recyclable, PTFE-free, PFC-free, and climate neutral. Sympatex copolymers generate CO2 levels during production that are 50 times lower than a conventional PTFE polymer. And Sympathex has even been offsetting that since early 2017: The membrane’s complete annual production has been rendered fully climate neutral.

We provided Sympatex with support in calculating the carbon footprints for the company, for the Sympatex membrane, and for all laminates. Sympatex fully offsets the emissions from the membrane, supporting our forest conservation project in Kenya’s Kasigau Wildlife Corridor. Moreover, Sympatex customers can decide whether they would like to procure not only the membrane, but also the entire laminate climate neutrally. To that end, we developed an eco calculator for Sympatex. It shows all of the greenhouse gas emissions along the supply chain. Customers can offset those emissions and receive a climate neutral laminate. 

Like bleed. It is the first outdoor brand to produce a functional jacket that is completely climate neutral – with climate neutral Sympatex laminate. Moreover, bleed offsets all emissions from additional materials, production, transport, and packaging. The manufacturer from Upper Franconia’s Helmbrecht region maintains emissions as low as possible by exclusively using recycled or biodegradable textiles. They use energy from renewable sources, and water is used as sparingly as possible. The Sympatex Active jacket won’t remain bleed’s only climate neutral article of clothing. There are further models being planned for upcoming collections.

„When it comes to questions of sustainability and ecology, we must not underestimate the consumer. The signs of a shift in awareness can be seen everywhere throughout society. Over the course of around 18 months, sustainability has gone from being a nice-to-have to become an existential necessity - at the rate change is coming, there is no more room for hesitation in light of the development cycles in textiles.“

Dr. Rüdiger Fox, CEO, Sympatex Technologies

Success stories of our customers – climate neutral printing

viaprinto stands also for climate protection. Every customer has the possibility to order his print product climate neutral.

Port International – climate neutral fruit

Located near the Port of Hamburg, the family-run Port International has been trading in fruit and vegetables for 140 years. The company was one of the first to introduce organic and fair trade bananas

Hartmann – climate neutral egg packaging

Climate neutral packaging is part of Hartmann’s comprehensive sustainability strategy.

CEWE photobooks climate neutral

Every CEWE photobook and all CEWE brand products are climate neutral. That also includes CEWE CALENDARS, CEWE CARDS, and CEWE WALL PICTURES. CEWE offsets all unavoidable carbon emissions from production.

BABOR – climate neutral luxury cosmetics

BABOR stands for luxury cosmetics made in Germany. Owner-run in its third generation, the company set up a distinctive plan for sustainability: the Green Agenda, providing answers and solutions in the

Bionatic – climate neutral packaging

Bionatic was founded to provide a solution to the problem of petrol-based plastics.

Konica Minolta - Enabling Carbon Neutrality

With its climate neutral printing service, Konica Minolta offers its European customers a comprehensive climate protection solution.

Selecta – climate neutral coffe cups

Selecta is well known for its beverage and snack machines. Now they offer coffee-to-go in climate neutral cups.

Wander brand products packaged climate neutrally

The Swiss company Wander AG is known for brands like Ovomaltine, Caotina, and Jemalt. These products are packaged climate neutrally.

Schaebens – climate neutral facial masks

Schaebens is known for facial masks, concentrates and Dead Sea salt products, which can be found especially in drugstores.

FOCUSWATER – climate–neutral company & climate–neutral drinks

FOCUS WATER is the modern, low–calorie drink with a sophisticated mixture of vitamins and minerals. It thus supplies the body with important elements of daily needs and deliberately does not contain

lavera Naturkosmetik

For each relaunch, the lavera facial care products and gift boxes are packaged in climate neutral folding boxes.