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Carbon neutral natural gas from TeleSon

TeleSon – carbon neutral natural gas

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Natural gas is one of the most important energy sources in Germany. About half of German households heat with natural gas (Zukunft Erdgas e.V.). Natural gas is generally more environmentally friendly than oil: it burns cleaner and causes somewhat less carbon.

TeleSon Energie has been a Germany-wide natural gas supplier since 2011. Its more than 60,000 customers include both private households and commercial customers. TeleSon has been offering a carbon neutral gas tariff since summer 2018. The carbon emissions emitted by heating are offset by our carbon offset project in Portel. 

After just one month, 250 customers have already opted for this tariff. With their annual account the customers receive the information, how many carbon emissions they caused and offsetted.

"We are very pleased with the cooperation with ClimatePartner. Kira Filip and Andreas Reger have guided us professionally through the process and the success is already evident: after just a few weeks we have been able to convince several hundred customers of our carbon neutral gas. The product is simply good and environmental protection is made easy with it".

Sascha Kuhn, Managing Director, TeleSon Energie GmbH

Success stories of our customers

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