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Carbon-neutral e-scooters from TIER Mobility

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TIER Mobility  Moving around the city with carbon-neutral e-scooters

Change Mobility for Good – this is the mission of TIER Mobility, Europe’s leading company for shared micro-mobility services. The company, based in Berlin, has a clear vision: leading the way towards seamless, sustainable and accessible mobility – that is joyful for everyone.

With a fleet of e-scooters, TIER Mobility facilitates the movement of people around the city in a relaxed manner without harming the environment. 

As of January 2020, not only is every ride on a TIER scooter carbon neutral, but also the entire company. To achieve this, all carbon emissions caused by TIER Mobility have been calculated and clear guidelines have been established for all areas of the company to reduce emissions. From travel guidelines, the entire supply and production chain up to daily operations in the individual cities where TIER scooters are available.

To name just one example: TIER’s newest scooter with swappable batteries is not only sturdier and safer, but also more sustainable. The ability to change batteries on site eliminates the need to transport scooters to warehouses for charging, enabling them to reduce carbon emissions, cut back on their carbon footprint and fulfill their commitment to being carbon-neutral. In addition, the fleet for daily operations is being converted to eCargo bikes and eVans – another important step towards reducing emissions.

The company's unabated emissions are offset by supporting carbon offset projects promoted by ClimatePartner. TIER Mobility is investing in a rainforest conservation project in the Peruvian Amazon region and in regional forest protection projects in Germany.

"Climate change is the most urgent issue of our time and we must act immediately. This is why we are focusing on our core corporate value: the promotion of genuine sustainability in mobility."

Lawrence Leuschner
CEO and co-founder
TIER Mobility