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viaprinto stands for high quality in printing, individual advice, comfortable handling of the platform – and also for climate protection. As a brand of the CEWE group the online print shop acts with sound judgement and environmental friendly in as many areas as possible. Every customer has the possibility to order his print product climate neutral at the click of a mouse and, by doing this, contributes his share to climate protection. Every print job releases greenhouse gas emissions in all his process steps. This includes, for example, CO2-emissions through energy intensive production and operating costs. This output is captured, calculated and compensated through the support of international carbon offset projects. Since 2016, viaprinto customers have already compensated 220 tonnes of CO2 and counting.

In specifically proclaimed climate protection weeks, viaprinto is bearing all costs of the CO2 offset for their customers. Due to the connection to the CEWE infrastructure, the online print shop can tackle the protection of the environment from several angles. That happens through usage of renewable resources and by an energy efficient production, but also though the avoidance of production failures. The company saves storage and disposal costs and overproduction is decrepitly as well, since viaprinto is producing products from one piece order volume. 

„220 tonnes of CO2 offset – for us, climate neutral printing has long since become something we offer our clients as standard. A win-win situation for our customers and the environment.“

Frank Morjan, Managing Director, Viaprinto

Success stories of our customers

Konica Minolta - Enabling Carbon Neutrality

With its climate neutral printing service, Konica Minolta offers its European customers a comprehensive climate protection solution.

Schneider Schreibgeräte – climate neutral pens

Schneider consistently focuses on sustainability and climate protection. Many products have been produced in a CO2-neutral way since 2014.

Klingele – climate neutral packaging

Nearly 100 years of family-run business: sustainability is an essential principle of Klingele's long-term entrepreneurial activities. Waste paper is used to manufacture the corrugated packaging.

Jordi Medienhaus – climate neutral printing

The Jordi family regard the aspect of sustainability as a recipe for success.

Selecta – climate neutral coffe cups

Selecta is well known for its beverage and snack machines. Now they offer coffee-to-go in climate neutral cups.

CEWE photobooks climate neutral

Every CEWE photobook and all CEWE brand products are climate neutral. That also includes CEWE CALENDARS, CEWE CARDS, and CEWE WALL PICTURES. CEWE offsets all unavoidable carbon emissions from production.

Canon – climate protection in the office

Black Label Zero, Top Colour Zero and Recycled White Zero: Canon offers climate neutral office paper.

Wander brand products packaged climate neutrally

The Swiss company Wander AG is known for brands like Ovomaltine, Caotina, and Jemalt. These products are packaged climate neutrally.

Ticketino – climate neutral participation

With TICKETINO, organisers have the chance to contribute towards climate protection.

Bergzeit's catalog

Bergzeit supplies gear for mountaineering enthusiasts. Their catalogs are printed with climate neutrality by Mohn Media.

Sympatex and bleed functional wear

A true novelty in sustainable functional clothing: The “guaranteed green” membrane from Sympatex – 100 percent recyclable, PTFE-free, PFC-free, and climate neutral. Processed into a climate neutral outdoor jacket by bleed.

lavera Naturkosmetik

For each relaunch, the lavera facial care products and gift boxes are packaged in climate neutral folding boxes.

Breitsamer IMKERGOLD Honey

IMKERGOLD Fairtrade Honey by Breitsamer is completely climate neutral.

MONTANA – climate neutral heating oil and diesel fuel

MONTANA is offering its customers climate-friendly heating with fossil fuels.

DasEis – Climate neutral ice cream

DasEis is uncompromising: organic, Fairtrade®, made from high-quality and largely regional ingredients. And it's climate neutral, too.

Bionatic – climate neutral packaging

Bionatic was founded to provide a solution to the problem of petrol-based plastics.

Climate neutral accommodation and events – SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA

The hotel hosts events of all kinds and the corresponding overnight accommodation climate neutrally. Individual guests also have the option of offsetting the emissions generated by their stay.

Roadsurfer – climate neutral driving rents customized camping vans - lifestyle included. Also included: Carbon offsetting for unlimited kilometers!

KAUT-BULLINGER – ink and copy paper

KAUT-BULLINGER is betting its chips on sustainable products: Ink and copy paper under the KABUCO house brand are completely climate neutral.