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Wander brand products packaged climate neutrally

Wander brand products packaged climate neutrally

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The Swiss company Wander AG is known for brands like Ovomaltine, Caotina, and Jemalt. The company has put forward ambitious sustainability goals: The plan is for all Ovomaltine products made at the site in Neuenegg to be fully climate neutral by 2022. A first step addresses the packing, for that is what causes a majority of the aggregate emissions. To that end, Wander places obligations on its suppliers: In collaboration with ClimatePartner, the participating packaging manufacturers identify their carbon emissions and offset them via a certified carbon offset project for water treatment in Odisha, India. ClimatePartner’s role includes ensuring there is uniform data quality for all packaging suppliers.

All climate neutral packing at Wander AG is identified accordingly and labeled with an ID number, irrespective of the supplier it comes from. Consumers can use that ID number to track the carbon offset for individual packages: track www.climatepartner.com/12510-1801-1001



"Climate neutral packaging for our brand products is a great start for us. The expenditure is negligible, for ClimatePartner takes care of coordination with our suppliers. At the same time, we can achieve a great deal, for a large part of the emissions is indeed caused by the packaging."

Alain Studer, Lead Buyer Packmaterial, Wander AG

Success stories of our customers

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Aldi UK and Ireland – carbon neutral ALDI stores

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Selecta is well known for its beverage and snack machines. Now they offer coffee-to-go in climate neutral cups.

DasEis – Climate neutral ice cream

DasEis is uncompromising: organic, Fairtrade®, made from high-quality and largely regional ingredients. And it's climate neutral, too.

lavera Naturkosmetik

For each relaunch, the lavera facial care products and gift boxes are packaged in climate neutral folding boxes.

Bionatic – climate neutral packaging

Bionatic was founded to provide a solution to the problem of petrol-based plastics.

Breitsamer IMKERGOLD Honey

IMKERGOLD Fairtrade Honey by Breitsamer is completely climate neutral.