Measure carbon footprints - The first step in your climate action journey

We provide accurate and reliable carbon footprint services to inform emission reductions across scope 1, 2, and 3

Discover the path to net zero for your business with our carbon footprint consulting services. At ClimatePartner, we understand the critical importance of accurately measuring your carbon footprint. It's not just about compliance – it's about taking meaningful action. 

Your climate action journey starts with a clear understanding of your emissions. Our mix of cloud-based carbon accounting software with consultant support is a solution tailored to demystify the complexities of scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions for businesses. We have expertise in gathering primary data from complex value chains and access to tools for emission factor calculations of raw ingredients and materials. 

Scope 3 emissions are measured least often but can often be 80% or more of your overall emissions. We have nearly 20 years of experience helping businesses measure emissions throughout their upstream and downstream value chains. 

We can advise on pragmatic approaches to solving data gaps, always with a focus on outcomes so that you spend your limited time where it matters. Whatever stage you are on in your climate action journey, our carbon footprint consultants are here to guide you through every nuance of the carbon accounting process. 

Book a demo today and start measuring the total emissions of your company or products. 

Who we work with

For the last 20 years, we have been supporting businesses of all size to measure, report and act on their company and product carbon footprints.  Globally we work with over 6,000 businesses, and we have specialist knowledge in almost every business sector.

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Demystifying scope 3 for carbon reduction

Our platform simplifies the process of calculating your business carbon footprint, ensuring you're well-prepared for everything from supplier requirements to setting Science Based Targets. This initial step is pivotal in crafting a robust climate action plan that aligns with your sustainability goals. 

Although we can work with spend-based methodologies where needed, we aim to focus on more accurate activity-based calculations so that you can make informed decisions and account for reductions.

ClimatePartner specialise in the granular measurement of all 15  categories within scope 3, otherwise known as value chain emissions, with our carbon footprint assessment services.

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"ClimatePartner are great to work with. They have a vast knowledge of climate-related topics and help to keep us up to date with emerging topics to support our carbon reduction journey."

Ria Kalyan - National Sustainability Manager - Aldi UK & Ireland

Example of corporate carbon footprint assessment results

A key output of your carbon footprint is an understanding of your hotspots.

Our team will walk you through your key hotspots and outline possible steps for your business. We conclude each project with a presentation of your results to highlight your advised next steps​, with our standard offering including consulting support to inform and educate your team.​

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“ClimatePartner have been supporting Principality Building Society with their journey to net zero since 2021 and their expertise has been invaluable. They have helped us understand and measure our baseline carbon footprint and calculate and assess it each year thereafter.

Aimee Smith - Sustainability Manager - Principality Building Society

Measure your product carbon footprint

With our comprehensive product carbon footprint calculations, your commitment to sustainability can extend to every product you offer. From manufacturing to disposal, we delve deep into your supply chains, allowing a granular understanding of the carbon emissions tied to each product.

If you're a manufacturer of products, our assessment tool allows you to measure the emissions of your product’s value chain across your whole business, for the lifecycle of every product.

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We worked with Climate Partner to carry out Product Carbon Footprints on some of our most important products. The project involved gathering data from multiple internal and external stakeholders, who were managed well. Clear results were provided which have been very useful.” 

Laurence Webb - Senior Sustainability Manager - Costa Coffee 

Case Study

Driving down the emissions of eggs for Lidl GB

As part of its supplier engagement programme, LIDL GB supports farmers and suppliers like Duncan Farms to conduct carbon footprint assessments of its businesses and products and develop valuable carbon reduction plans.

ClimatePartner supported Duncan Farms in calculating product carbon footprints – lifecycle assessments focused on greenhouse gas emissions – as well as a corporate carbon footprint. 

By providing reports compliant with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Duncan Farms was able to compare emission reductions year-on-year – as well as the impact of its reduction measures at a product level.​

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We’re working closely with our suppliers to support more sustainable farming practices. We’re therefore really proud of our collaboration with Duncan Farms and ClimatePartner, who together have implemented initiatives to achieve an almost 60% reduction in the carbon footprint of our six-pack of Free Range eggs

Shyam Unarket - Head of Responsible Sourcing & Ethical Trade (Lidl GB)

Working with ClimatePartner

ClimatePartner combines nearly two decades of consulting experience with easy-to-use software to help our clients understand the carbon footprint of their company, products, and activities.

Our calculation methods are based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and will help you take your climate action strategy to the next level.


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Ready for 3rd party audits​

We routinely support our clients with 3rd party verification. Our consultants are highly trained and have thorough documentation on system boundaries, data quality rating and emission factor sources. 

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Reporting and compliance​​

Our carbon footprints can be used as the basis for for your SECR, CDP, CSRD or TCFD reporting. Whatever your needs, we can provide additional services to help you report and comply with the relevant reporting standards.

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YoY comparisons and re-baselining

Any business serious about reducing its scope 3 emissions is routinely re-calculating its baseline year and making effective comparisons with previous years. We are experienced in unpicking what constitutes genuine carbon reduction and what is the result of data choices. ​

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Understanding primary data and emission factors: ​​​

We scrutinize supplier-specific data and emission factors to explain if differences exist because of methodology choices or genuine carbon reduction efforts. We can also help you rate the quality of your data for better analysis.​

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"The team at ClimatePartner are great to work with – they are responsive, diligent and passionate about their topic. They are reliable, knowledgeable and we look forward working with them into our Net-Zero future."

Lucy Newcombe - Chief People & ESG Officer - Computershare Limited


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Frequently asked questions

What data do I need to do to measure my corporate carbon footprint?

For each category we measure you will need activity data to calculate the carbon emissions. This will be data like the amount of electricity consumed in your offices or the quantity of raw materials and ingredients you purchased to make your products. You will also need to assign some internal resources to coordinate data gathering internally, but don’t worry our consultants can be there at every step of the way to advise you (which can even include some project management support).

Why is scope 3 measurement so important to measure?

Scope 3 provides you with a holistic view of your value chain emissions. These are often far greater in size than your scope 1 and 2 emissions, and can help prioritise where your actions can have the greatest climate impact.

How do you get primary data for scope 3?

When we talk about “primary data” we often refer to supplier-specific carbon footprint data instead of industry averages (also known as emission factors). Collecting primary data is crucial in understanding and tracking your progress on reducing emissions. We can help you identify the most effective strategy and select the best tools - whether that be our product carbon footprint software, our network platform or the Cool Farm Tool (a free tool for farmers). We can also help you scrutinise data you receive from suppliers to ensure they are comparable and compliant!

What if I don't have any data for a specific source/emissions category?

If there is no data available, ClimatePartner can help plug the data gaps by making reasonable assumptions on activity data drawing on our years of experience in your industry. This is one of the key benefits of working with a partner like us! Failing that, most businesses will always have access to spend data - which although discouraged due to its inaccuracy - can provide a first estimate of your emissions to help identify hotspots.

What is the necessary scope of measurement when submitting to the SBTi?

All scope 3 categories should be considered, but the targets only need to cover a minimum of 67% of these.