Achieving Sustainability in Electric Showering with Triton Showers

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Sustainable Innovation: Triton Showers and ClimatePartner Collaboration

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Achieving Sustainability in Electric Showering with Triton Showers

Triton Showers, the UK’s leading electric shower manufacturer, has partnered with ClimatePartner UK to enhance the sustainability of their products, particularly focusing on their innovative ENVi shower. This collaboration aligns with Triton's ambitious "Net-Zero by 2035" target, showcasing their commitment to integrating sustainable practices into their operations and product designs.

Founded in 1975 and based in Warwickshire, Triton Showers has been a pioneer in providing energy-efficient showering solutions. Known as "The UK’s Shower Company," Triton’s mission is to deliver reliable and enjoyable showering experiences while minimizing environmental impact. The company has set a firm goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2035, with near-term alignment by 2028.
Triton Showers aims to lead the way in mainstreaming electric showering while enhancing its sustainability. One significant challenge was accurately calculating product carbon footprints and gaining third-party validation for their sustainability efforts. Triton’s Sustainability Manager, Dan Lintell, recognized the need for expert assistance to free up his time for more impactful activities.

ClimatePartner provided comprehensive support in calculating the carbon footprint of Triton’s ENVi shower. This involved analyzing different power ratings and use phase scenarios. The ENVi shower, designed to encourage users to reduce shower time, incorporates a digital control system that offers feedback on water and energy usage. This feature aims to lower energy consumption and, consequently, carbon emissions.

The partnership between Triton and ClimatePartner was marked by detailed discussions and joint problem-solving. This collaborative approach not only improved the quality of the work but also boosted Triton’s internal morale and engagement with sustainability initiatives.

Managing Director of ClimatePartner UK Emilien Hoet caught up with Daniel Lintell, Sustainability Manager at Triton showers for the ClimatePartner Podcast which you can listen to here 
(embed to ClimatePartner Podcast episode with Triton Showers)

The Triton Showers and ClimatePartner collaboration exemplifies how companies can achieve significant strides in sustainability through expert partnerships and innovative product design. Triton’s ongoing commitment to environmental goals positions them as industry leaders in sustainable showering solutions. 

“Partnering with ClimatePartner has enabled Triton Showers to enhance its sustainability efforts significantly. This collaboration has allowed us to accurately measure the carbon footprint for two of our key product ranges, identify areas for carbon reduction, and implement targeted initiatives to mitigate our environmental impact. Working with ClimatePartner has also provided us with valuable insights and expertise in beyond value chain mitigation strategies, making it possible for us to progress towards our environmental goals more effectively and efficiently.” 

Daniel Lintell
Sustainability Manager
Triton Showers