Sustainable Transformation in Beauty: COTY's Carbon Footprint Reduction Journey


Sustainable transformation in beauty: COTY's carbon footprint reduction journey

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Sustainable Transformation in Beauty: COTY's Carbon Footprint Reduction Journey

Coty's Commitment to Sustainability
Coty UK&I, a leading global beauty company, faced the challenge of measuring and reducing the carbon emissions of its numerous in-store campaigns across its extensive portfolio of brands. With a commitment to substantial sustainability goals, including a near-term Science-based target to reduce their Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 50% and Scope 3 emissions by 28% by 2030, Coty needed a comprehensive solution to track and mitigate the environmental impact of their visual merchandising activities.

Collaborative Efforts with ClimatePartner UK
ClimatePartner UK collaborated with Coty to address this challenge. The initial phase involved a pilot project focusing on six consumer beauty and twenty luxury campaign units. Through meticulous data collection—covering the weight of units, type of materials, logistics, production processes, and end-of-life scenarios—ClimatePartner UK developed a bespoke carbon footprint calculator. This tool enabled real-time measurement of emissions for all campaigns, providing Coty with the insights needed to identify significant reduction opportunities.

Workshops and Stakeholder Engagement
One of the primary strategies included conducting workshops aimed at reducing raw material and production emissions. These workshops fostered collaboration between Coty, their agencies, suppliers, and retailers, ensuring that all stakeholders were engaged in the sustainability journey. You can watch highlights from a workshop with their visual merchandising sustainability taskforce below. 

The data revealed that luxury campaigns, though more carbon-intensive per unit, had a smaller overall footprint compared to consumer beauty campaigns due to the latter's larger scale. The analysis pinpointed raw materials and production as the major emission hotspots.

The project yielded impressive results. Coty successfully identified reduction measures, such as transitioning to recycled acrylic materials. The engagement level among Coty's POS suppliers and retailers was notably high, driven by in-person meetings and hands-on workshops. These interactions facilitated effective data collection and fostered a sense of shared commitment to the sustainability goals.

Development of a Bespoke Carbon Calculator
A key outcome of this project was the development of a bespoke carbon calculator, which not only served Coty's immediate needs but also offered a model that could be adapted for other product types. This tool has become instrumental in helping Coty understand the full spectrum of emissions across all campaigns and strategize accordingly to reduce them throughout the product lifecycle, from cradle to grave.

Future Recommendations for Sustainable Beauty Practices
Coty's journey with ClimatePartner UK has set a strong foundation for future sustainability efforts. The next steps involve modeling best practice reduction scenarios, such as light-weighting and switching to recycled content, and incorporating usage emissions where relevant. Continuous engagement through reduction workshops and investment in high-quality climate projects, like afforestation through the Woodland Carbon Code, will further bolster Coty's environmental impact mitigation efforts. This partnership highlights the potential for significant sustainability achievements in the beauty industry through strategic collaboration and innovative solutions.

“At Coty, we've been working with ClimatePartner since 2021 and this has been an amazing journey. We needed to understand the footprint of our visual merchandising activity by measuring the emissions of our campaigns across all brands. We then engaged with our agencies and customers, through workshops led fantastically by ClimatePartner. Not only do we now understand our emissions, but also what strategies can be implemented to reduce these emissions. ClimatePartner has led amazing workshops with fantastic engagement, our collaboration with them is ever growing. ClimatePartner has allowed us to uncover possibilities we never thought we had. This is a journey that has been made possible through this great partnership."

Rocio Avidad
Head of Visual Merchandising