enables companies and their customers to protect the climate

Forest and wildlife protection through hydropower – the next round

January 31, 2020

Our exclusive climate protection project at the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo enters the next round.

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Climate-neutral winter sports at ISPO2020

January 28, 2020

Ecological, functional and chic at the same time – that is indeed possible. Several of our customers and partners present their climate-neutral products or initiatives at ISPO, the leading trade fair …

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Climate neutrality in the face of burning forests: now more than ever

January 22, 2020

According to first findings , the forest fires in Australia brought a total of around 350 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere between August and mid-December 2019 alone. This …

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ClimatePartner is your partner for climate protection

We offer companies climate protection solutions: from carbon footprints and climate protection strategies all the way to climate neutral products with the support of international carbon offset projects.

The ClimatePartner label

Our label guarantees transparency and traceability in climate protection – certified by TÜV Austria, the Austrian technical inspection authority.

The logo

The logo shows a globe whose atmosphere is protected by our initials, CP. It stands for climate protection.

Climate neutral

With this label, ClimatePartner guarantees that all carbon emissions of the product have been calculated and offset via recognized carbon offset projects.

The category

The category describes what the climate neutral status refers to. Is it the packaging or the product itself? This is the only way to ensure transparent communication.

ID number and tracking URL

Each carbon offset is given a unique ID number. This number and the associated URL can be used to track the offset, the amount of CO2 and the carbon offset project.

Optional: QR code

The QR code is linked to the tracking URL, which provides proof of the carbon offset as well as further information on the carbon offset project.

Climate neutral products – the highest level of climate protection

Anyone who buys climate neutral products is making a concrete contribution to fighting global warming. You can offer your customers this possibility with our solution: our label guarantees the climate neutrality of the labeled product – or service. Indeed, our label means that we have calculated the carbon emissions inevitably generated in the process chain and offset them via recognized carbon offset projects

This means that consumers can easily opt to further climate protection: from print products, hotel accommodations, climate neutral food products, packaging and office paper all the way to climate neutral events.