enables companies and their customers to protect the climate

Clean drinking water in Uganda - the story of Imat Adonga Keren

March 4, 2019

Our carbon offset project in Uganda saves carbon emissions through access to clean drinking water. As part of the "Improved Kitchen Regimes" programme, existing boreholes are being rehabilitated and …

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Awareness raising on the ground: a campaign for clean drinking water

February 26, 2019

Clean drinking water is not a matter of course in Madagascar: only five percent of the population in rural areas have access to clean water. Our carbon offset project uses solar pumps to pump water …

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Will we achieve the 1.5 degree target with carbon offset projects?

December 5, 2018

On October 8th, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a special report highlighting the consequences of global warming by 1.5°C compared with pre-industrial levels. 91 authors …

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ClimatePartner is your partner for climate protection

We offer companies climate protection solutions: from carbon footprints and climate protection strategies all the way to climate neutral products with the support of international carbon offset projects.

5 steps for fighting global warming

Calculating corporate emissions

We calculate the greenhouse gas emissions that a company causes directly or indirectly. In doing so, we comply with international standards, such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The sum of these emissions is the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF). More ...

Calculating emissions of individual products

For the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), we calculate the emissions that a product or service generates throughout its lifetime: not only the emissions caused by raw materials, but also pro rata emissions from the production processes. More ...

Reducing carbon emissions

A sensible climate protection strategy aims to avoid or minimize emissions wherever possible. More ... 

Offsetting carbon emissions

No matter how efficiently a company manufactures goods and how economically it uses energy, a certain amount of CO2 will inevitably be emitted. These unavoidable emissions can be offset by supporting  recognized carbon offset projects. More ...

Communicating with transparency

ClimatePartner assigns a unique ID number to every carbon offset. Using this ID number, it is possible to track online how much CO2 a product, service or company caused – and which carbon offset project was supported to offset these emissions. More ...

The ClimatePartner label

Our label guarantees transparency and traceability in climate protection – certified by TÜV Austria, the Austrian technical inspection authority.

The logo

The logo shows a globe whose atmosphere is protected by our initials, CP. It stands for climate protection.

Climate neutral

With this label, ClimatePartner guarantees that all carbon emissions of the product have been calculated and offset via recognized carbon offset projects.

The category

The category describes what the climate neutral status refers to. Is it the packaging or the product itself? This is the only way to ensure transparent communication.

ID number and tracking URL

Each carbon offset is given a unique ID number. This number and the associated URL can be used to track the offset, the amount of CO2 and the carbon offset project.

Optional: QR code

The QR code is linked to the tracking URL, which provides proof of the carbon offset as well as further information on the carbon offset project.

Climate neutral products – the highest level of climate protection

Anyone who buys climate neutral products is making a concrete contribution to fighting global warming. You can offer your customers this possibility with our solution: our label guarantees the climate neutrality of the labeled product – or service. Indeed, our label means that we have calculated the carbon emissions inevitably generated in the process chain and offset them via recognized carbon offset projects

This means that consumers can easily opt to further climate protection: from print products, hotel accommodations, climate neutral food products, packaging and office paper all the way to climate neutral events.