Embed the five steps of climate action in your organisation

Follow through with a robust reduction plan to reduce emissions, then financially contribute to global climate projects.

A climate action strategy takes only five steps.

icon calculate emissions

Measure carbon footprints

Understand the emissions of your company and its products.

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icon set reduction targets

Set reduction targets

Define a roadmap to continually reduce emissions.

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icon implement reductions

Implement reductions

Take action to reduce your company's emissions.

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icon finance climate projects

Finance climate projects

Support verified climate projects to finance global climate action.

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icon communication

Communicate transparently

Share your climate action efforts to maximise impact.

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The ClimatePartner certified label

The ClimatePartner certified label provides transparent disclosure of a company’s entire climate action strategy.


ClimatePartner signet

Climate action is depicted by the stylised letters ‘C’ and ‘P’ that surround a circle, the symbol for our planet earth.



The ClimatePartner label indicates exactly what has been certified: a company or a product.



The unique climate-ID number and the associated URL can be used to track the climate action measures that are associated with that specific label.


QR code (optional)

The QR code facilitates quick access to all related information via a smartphone.

ClimatePartner certification affirms that a company has gone through all five steps of a climate action strategy. When consumers see the ClimatePartner certified label, they are assured that the emissions of the certified product or organisation have been calculated, reduction targets have been set and implemented, and climate projects have been financed to contribute to global climate action.

Each certified company’s individual climate-ID page represents transparency across all five steps and guarantees traceability for climate action. The registry management process of our portfolio of climate projects is certified every year by TÜV Austria, an international specialist in environmental matters.

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Why your whole business will love working with ClimatePartner


One Stop Solution

We support your organisation through the five steps of climate action, including all services for your journey towards net zero.


Scalable Technology

Our ClimatePartner Hub encompasses state of the art technology leveraging automatisation and efficiency to streamline your entire climate action journey.


Reduction Solutions

We support you with scalable reduction solutions to engage your whole supply chain, implement a global green energy strategy, and train your employees on sustainability.


Climate projects

We support your organisation with a portfolio of verified projects to finance global climate action.


Transparent Label

We certify your company or product with the ClimatePartner certified label and climate-ID page providing full transparency and traceability of your climate initiatives.


Experts Worldwide

We have a global team of climate action experts who are pragmatic, and action focused to ensure you have impactful results for your region quickly and efficiently.

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Explore our focus topics

Scope 1 2 3

The complete guide to understanding Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions

The foundation for any efficient climate action strategy is to track, allocate and measure your carbon emissions with accuracy. This guide will walk you through the fundamental information around Scopes 1, 2, and 3.

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Road to net zero

The road to net zero

We hear “net zero” in the news all the time. Countries and even companies around the world are making promises to join in the “race to zero”—but what does that really mean?

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The essential guide to carbon offsetting

Pave your company's path to net zero through emissions reduction and carbon offsetting. In this guide, learn how to support efforts to mitigate climate change.  

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treibhausgas Emissionen

What are greenhouse gas emissions and why companies need to act now

Learn how your company can reduce emissions and pave its transition to net zero.

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Why climate-related risks and TCFD disclosures matter to business

Over the next 5-10 years, Earth’s greatest climate-related risks can also have a significant impact on a company’s revenue. 

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Man sitting in landscape in front of lake

Climate Action Awareness Report 2022

This report includes findings about consumer attitudes towards corporate climate action and sustainable shopping.

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6,000+ customers in over 60 countries

growing their businesses with ClimatePartner

Customer Success Stories

Tiny Life by Atelier Seitz GmbH

When most trade fairs were cancelled in the spring of 2020 due to the corona pandemic, Atelier Seitz GmbH, which specialized in trade fair construction, was faced with a financial challenge. It has overcome it in creative fashion.

Climate action at Lenzing and Suominen

This collaboration shows how joint efforts in climate action work across the supply chain. Lenzing's carbon neutral Lyocell fibers are used by Suominen for the production of carbon neutral nonwovens, building the basis for consumer products such as wet wipes.

One for life: Climate action at SIGG

For more than 100 years, SIGG has been manufacturing drinking bottles that can be seen all over the world. With innovative solutions, the Swiss company has succeeded in reducing the ecological

A roadmap for decarbonisation

The production of aluminium is very energy intensive and contributes significantly to climate change, making up 3% of direct carbon emissions globally.

Climate action insights: To keep you in the know

Take advantage of our expertise and resources on climate action, whether you are just starting your climate action journey or already well on your way.

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Check out our upcoming virtual academies on climate action.

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Read our Climate Action Insights blog

Stay informed on climate action topics.

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What is Net Zero?

We hear “net zero” in the news all the time. Countries and even companies around the world are making promises to join in the “race to zero”—but what does that really mean? Emilien Hoet, Head of ClimatePartner UK, describes how your company can take its first steps towards sustainability.

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