My job in climate action

August 18, 2020

An insight into everyday life at ClimatePartner

by Salome Fischer

I have been working as a Key Account Manager at ClimatePartner since 2016. A lot has happened since then - in our company - and for me personally. I have acquired new customers, brought new climate-neutral products to market, represented ClimatePartner at events and learned a lot about corporate climate action in business practice.

From data collection to marketing  

When I started, we were located in an office in an old building in Schwabing and calculated most of our projects in large Excel worksheets. In the meantime, we have grown adding many new colleagues and moved into a large, modern office. We now calculate customer projects with advanced IT-tools from our own software-family, which have been continuously expanded. Our main application among them, the "Footprint Manager", has been optimized by our IT teams in Munich and Armenia for over the last 10 years to such an extent that it is now something of a pioneer product on the market.

My work is very diverse, actually no week looks like the other. When I am in the Munich office, I work on customer projects that I always find exciting. That means calculating CO2 footprints, checking data and writing carbon balance reports. I also advise clients on our carbon offset projects and support them in marketing topics. Several times a month I visit clients to verify CO2 balances, present results, hold workshops on climate action or talk about marketing options. I also pay visits to some customers abroad, for example Konica Minolta in Sweden or Papyrus in Denmark and Norway, or ALDI UK and Ireland. Because I lived in Denmark before and speak Danish, I was able to take over our Scandinavian customers. It's great for me to be able to work so internationally!

Flat hierarchies and shared lunches 

I find the working atmosphere at ClimatePartner very motivating. I get on very well with my colleagues, we often have lunch together or have a barbecue on the terrace in summer. My colleagues always make me laugh ... The diverse backgrounds and CVs in our team are also exciting. Some of them are business economists, environmental scientists or humanities scholars, many of them natural scientists, of course, but some of them also have other qualifications or are lateral entrants. We also regularly meet up besides work - be it a sport event, an exhibition or an after-work drink.

How I came to ClimatePartner

Before I joined ClimatePartner, I worked in Denmark at Dong Energy (now Ørsted) where I got to know about renewable energy and climate protection. Before that, I have completed a Master in International Studies in Denmark and completed various internships at BMW in Regensburg, the German Embassy in Copenhagen and the United Nations in New York. During all these stations it became clear to me: I definitely want a job that makes sense in a larger context. That's why it was only logical for me to apply for a job at ClimatePartner, because ClimatePartner advises companies on take up climate action and now has over 2,500 clients in 35 countries. I had my first telephone interview while I was still living in Denmark and was then invited to an interview in Munich. That went very well and I fell in love with the company, its people and mission. I immediately noticed that the hierarchies here are  flat and appreciated the broad spectrum of customers. So the position appealed to me very much. to my great delight, I got the job!

New and exciting everyday.

The onboarding was just as pleasant. I was always able to openly ask all questions and was also quickly allowed to take on my own customer projects. To this day I still enjoy doing this: I am always happy when a colleague from sales comes to our team and handsover a new customer. It is as exciting as it was at the very beginning: what kind of company is this, what does the customer expect from us, where will the cooperation take us? In any event, it has certainly never been boring or monotonous.

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