Bees work for the climate: news from our forest protection project in Portel

November 25, 2020

Good news from our carbon offset project in Portel, Brazil. There, ClimatePartner has been working closely with local partners and initiatives for years to provide the local population with foundations for their own livelihood. In this way, the otherwise acutely endangered rainforest with its immense diversity of species is protected, including from clearing. Here, the focus is on mediating legally recognised land rights, on whose basis the inhabitants can carry out business and work in a manner compatible with nature.

Our project partners expanded the range of measures further – thanks to the support that is done in the course of the carbon offsetting – and thus additionally contributed to improve the living conditions in the region. Now, a total of 500 beehives are available, whose yield represents a further, alternative source of income for the resident families. Moreover, work is being done to improve the supply situation of the partly isolated villages and settlements. Water filter systems are to remove toxic substances and other contaminants from the river water and thus promote not just the wellbeing, but also the health of the communities. The aim is to provide and distribute regionally 1,000 of these filters in the next year.  

The positive development clearly shows how important and effective the support of such projects is. Thanks to the protection of the rainforest in Portel, Brazil, approximately 370,000 tonnes of CO2 can be saved and approximately 3,000 ha of forest area can be protected from clearing per year. Additionally, the measures contribute directly to achieving the UN goals for sustainable development.

Here, we explain the link between the creation of livelihoods and the protection of existing forests.