News from the Virunga

March 19, 2018

Climate protection or development aid?

News from our project in DR Congo

Our carbon offset projects often double as development projects for entire regions. One of the impressive examples here is our hydropower project in DR Congo: The small run-of-river power station next to Virunga National Park has already produced economic development. Only 3 percent of the population had electricity before this project – now, more and more households are being connected to the power grid. Together with further run-of-river power plants, Virunga can become the country’s second largest energy supplier. Small businesses are being founded, such as a soap factory that has already created 200 jobs. The residents are finding work at the power plant itself, too. This is of utmost importance, because young people with a steady job have less incentive to join an armed militia. That increases the chances for peace following the gruesome civil war in this region.

And the environment? The rainforest in Virunga is an important site for storage of CO2.

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