Benugo - carbon footprint coffee menu

Benugo - The first carbon footprint coffee menu in the market

Benugo - carbon footprint coffee menu

Read the full story about Benugo’s sustainability journey with ClimatePartner.

Benugo started out in 1998 as a small café and has grown to a well-known catering business with over 50 locations across the UK. As the hospitality industry works towards a more sustainable future, Benugo strives for continuously monitoring and reducing their impact on the environment.

Interestingly, the coffee bean itself typically makes up only 1/6th of the drink’s full carbon footprint: the consumer’s choice of milk has a higher impact on the carbon footprint of the drink than the coffee beans.

To tackle this issue, Benugo joined forces with ClimatePartner, aiming to develop a solution that makes it easy for consumers to make low-carbon buying decisions. The first carbon footprint coffee menu displays the carbon footprint of every menu item and brings a new level of transparency to every Benugo outlet. In addition, all coffee products on the menu are carbon neutral as Benugo reduces emissions where possible and offsets unabated emissions from their coffee sales.

"The first step is to encourage people to choose a less impactful cup, and the second step is to remove and offset any remaining emissions through verified carbon offset projects."

Shane Kavanagh
Commercial Director