Mindful Chef – a Recipe Box Company with Net Zero Ambitions

Mindful Chef

a Recipe Box Company with Net Zero Ambitions

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Mindful Chef – a Recipe Box Company with Net Zero Ambitions

Mindful Chef has always been committed to mindfully sourcing ingredients to empower people to live healthier lives since its inception in 2015. Since 2020, ClimatePartner has been working with Mindful Chef to assist them on their climate action journey. This work began with conducting a carbon footprint analysis to identify not only the impact of their operations on the environment, but also to locate the biggest contributors to it.

Myles Hopper, Co-Founder and CCO:

Emma Detain, Sustainability Manager:

They have set the ambition to be Net Zero by 2030, and armed with better understanding of their operations, they have set objectives around increasing the number of plant based meals in their offering and the concentration of zero-emission delivery vehicles.

They are now the first UK recipe box company to launch a low carbon range. Their chefs have designed lower carbon meals that nudge their customers to make planet-friendly choices. More information here on this pioneering initiative between ClimatePartner and Mindful Chef.

In addition, they are funding projects around the world that contribute to 7 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. One project involves protecting the Amazon in Brazil from deforestation. Another supports families in Ghana with cleaner methods of cooking. This does not only offer a less carbon emitting alternative, but also reduces the exposure of families to the damaging effects of cooking using coal or wood ultimately reducing respiratory illnesses.

“Working with ClimatePartner has been great. One of the main reasons we wanted to work with them as a company, when you are saying you are doing lots of good things, it’s good to be able to back that up both with data and through a third party—you can confirm with your customers and community that you are doing what you say you’re doing.

I think another good thing about ClimatePartner is they match our values as a company: one of ours is to be unafraid and lead from the front.”
-Myles Hopper, Co-Founder and CCO, Mindful Chef

"The support and guidance ClimatePartner provided as we took our first step towards Net Zero was unparalleled. Their expertise and openness made navigating what can be a complex and evolving topic completely approachable. On top of that there's a real sense of their passion for what they do, their desire to share knowledge and their commitment to helping companies like ours take the best action possible."

Emma Detain
Sustainability Manager
Mindful Chef