ClimatePartner joins the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance

March 1, 2021

By joining the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA), ClimaterPartner commits itself to comply with the initiative´s strict transparency and integrity principles, to further develop them in exchange with the other members and to contribute to an overall target achievement of the economy towards net zero.

ICROA is a non-profit membership organisation and was established in 2008 to represent the interests of service providers in promoting best practices in voluntary action on climate change.

Dr. Sascha Lafeld, Head of Carbon Offset & Green Energy Services at ClimatePartner commented “Joining ICROA is an important step for ClimatePartner on its way to a truly global service provider for corporate climate action. The voluntary carbon markets is at a watershed moment and we are proud to be contributing our views on this market via the globally leading industry association. “

Offering carbon offset projects across the world with different technologies from nature-based solutions to community projects and renewable energy, ClimatePartner already follows strict due-diligence and abide by the highest standards.  ICROA Programme Director Claire Mizutani is “thrilled to have ClimatePartner as part of ICROA, as the company truly embeds effectiveness, transparency and credibility into its values and is 100% aligned with ICROA in the promotion of sustainable and impactful voluntary climate action on a global level.”

ICROA promotes voluntary action on climate by individuals and entities through carbon neutrality to accelerate the transition to a global net zero economy that balances greenhouse gas emission sources and sinks. ICROA’s core purpose is to develop, apply and advance best practices in voluntary climate action. ICROA works to enable individuals and entities to compensate for their unabated greenhouse gas emissions within their operations and supply chains by financing emission reduction and removal activities beyond their direct control enabled by the voluntary carbon market. It is a programme within the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA).

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