Sustainable business events: Insider Inc. leads by example in New York and London 

July 27, 2023

Insider Inc., one of the world's leading digital media companies, hosted two carbon neutral events in April and May, exemplifying their dedication to sustainability. In the planning of both events, Insider ensured that elements of the dinners reduced their carbon footprints, such as the choice of restaurant and menu options.   

The first event was in New York City at Rezdôra, a restaurant certified by the Green Restaurant Association for its commitment to eco-friendly practices. The dinner brought together influential change-makers from organisations to discuss sustainable priorities and further connections within the industry. The second event was a dinner in London at Michelin Green Star restaurant Apricity, known for its low-waste cooking and sustainable ingredient sourcing. This event convened top sustainability-focused leaders who are passionate about driving change during London Adweek.  

The carbon emissions associated with the events were measured in collaboration with ClimatePartner. The event-related emissions included measures such as attendees’ transportation to and from the venues, food and drinks, energy usage, and food waste. This comprehensive assessment enabled Insider to gain a clear understanding of the carbon footprint of each event.   

Insider chose to finance a combined ocean protection and climate project. For every tonne of CO2 saved through the climate project, 10 kg of plastic will be collected from coastal regions. Over 8 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in oceans every year, especially in developing countries that lack infrastructure for proper waste disposal. This ocean protection project empowers ethical recycling practices within communities located in vulnerable coastal areas. Community members exchange the collected plastics at local collection branches, therefore providing them with secure income and benefits such as life insurance and meal vouchers.   

Insider went above and beyond, making additional contributions to the climate and ocean protection project by purchasing an extra 76 tonnes of Verified Emission Reductions (VERs). Insider showcased their commitment to climate action and their willingness to be a changemaker in the sustainability sphere.   

“From Insider’s unique climate action coverage to lowering our emissions by more than 20% this year, Insider is wholly committed to a more sustainable future. We aim to equip our colleagues, readers, and the industry at large with actionable insights to collaboratively catalyze progress. 

We partnered with ClimatePartner as we debuted Insider’s Sustainability Circle event series designed to convene climate action-focused leaders for candid conversations about opportunities, challenges, and trends. ClimatePartner made it simple to account for all emissions generated from this initiative and offset the resulting footprint – making our series carbon neutral.” 

– Hannah Diddams, VP of Marketing, Insider

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