Climate action with Microenergy Credits

Climate action and social benefits for the local community

Our Microenergy Credits project

Our Microenergy Credits project

Find out what Microenergy Credits are and how we can protect the climate through them:

With our first Microenergy Credits - in short MEC - project, we want to counteract energy-related problems while promoting local entrepreneurship in India: by providing MECs, entrepreneurs can offer energy-efficient products such as efficient cookstoves, water filters, or solar lights at an affordable price. This is a best practice from the microfinance sector, as giving away goods would destroy the local economy and lower the value of the products. Buying the cookstoves and solar lights locally, on the other hand, strengthens the economy. Our MEC project places special emphasis on empowering women: with start-up capital and training, they are encouraged to earn a living and be independent. And the climate benefits, because the energy-efficient products sold save an average of about 100,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

In many regions of India, people do not have access to clean energy. Without our MEC projects, households mostly rely on resources that are harmful to their health and the environment: cooking over open fires produces heavy smoke that irritates lungs and eyes. Water must first be boiled to be safe for consumption. And kerosene lamps used as a light source pose fire and injury hazards. In addition, all these products require a lot of fuel such as kerosene or firewood, which cause CO2 emissions.

Learn more about our first MEC carbon offset project in India:

Earthood Services Pvt. Ltd.
Certificate type
Gold Standard VER (GS VER)
Estimated Annual Emission Reductions (tons CO2)

Contribution to the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs)

No Poverty
The use of energy-efficient products significantly reduces the need for e.g., firewood. The income saved can be used to improve living conditions.

Good Health and Well-Being
The products promoted by the project make an important contribution to the health and well-being of the community.

Gender Equality
The project strengthens the role of women: as women are often responsible for cooking and collecting firewood, the project ensures improved health and a reduction in workload. On the other hand, women can build up their own livelihood through MECs and thus be more independent.

Clean Water and Sanitation
Water filters as part of the energy-efficient product range provide households with clean drinking water.

Affordable and Clean Energy
Through micro-energy credits, modern and clean energy products can be sold at an affordable price. This promotes access to clean energy.

Decent Work and Economic Growth
The project supports enterprises with start-up capital and training, thus supporting the local economy.

Responsible Consumption and Production
Efficient cookstoves, water filters and solar lights allow for a more sustainable use of fuels such as firewood.

Climate Action
The products sold require significantly less firewood und thus save an average of about 100,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Life on Land
By reducing the need for firewood, local forests are conserved.