Climate action in the shopping basket

Climate action in the shopping basket

What is important to consumers?

Climate Awareness Report 2021

Representative consumer survey on shopping behaviour and climate action awareness

Private consumption plays an important role when it comes to global carbon emissions. With their purchasing decisions, consumers can influence companies to make their products more environmentally friendly, to bring about systemic changes, and to continuously reduce their carbon emissions. More and more companies are already following this path and opt for carbon and climate neutrality.


But how are the companies' measures perceived by consumers? What is important to those who specifically want to buy climate-friendly products? As part of our Climate Awareness Report 2021, the market research institute Appinio asked over 1,000 people in a representative survey what is important to them here.

These are the key findings:

  • The importance of climate action is clear
  • 50% of conumers are already paying attention to CO2 emissions when shopping
  • Above all, food and drugstore items should be climate-friendly.
  • Almost everyone knows what carbon neutrality is.
  • The majority pays attention to labels.
  • ClimatePartner's label "climate neutral" is an important decision-making aid when shopping.
  • Environmentally friendly products are in-demand.
  • The label provides assurance and creates trust.


The Climate Awareness Report can be downloaded here.