From carbon offsetting to contribution claims

From carbon offsetting to contribution claims

November 29, 2023

From carbon offsetting to contribution claims: ClimatePartner Impact presents alternative concepts for voluntary climate action by companies

The market for voluntary climate action by companies and organisations is currently undergoing a transformation. Where the focus might previously have been on achieving carbon neutrality, companies and organisations are now looking for alternatives. The concept of contribution claims offers a solution to supplement emissions reduction. ClimatePartner Impact, a wholly owned subsidiary of ClimatePartner, has now firmly integrated these new solutions into its range of services and has published a whitepaper on the topic. It illustrates the importance of contribution claims for global climate action. 

Tailor-made financial climate commitments

Until now, companies and organisations have primarily offset their unabated emissions from their business by purchasing Verified Emission Reductions (VERs). Making a contribution claim instead enables companies and organisations to contribute to the overall reduction of global emissions, beyond their own value chains. They can further support countries of the Global South in achieving their emissions reduction targets as well as contribute to sustainable development.

Depending on the strategic objectives of the company, ClimatePartner Impact defines different approaches: “ton-for-ton", “money-for-ton", and “money-for-money". Contribution claims therefore do not have to be directly linked to the carbon footprint of the contributing organisation. In the whitepaper, ClimatePartner Impact’s climate action experts present a detailed comparison of the three models and their advantages and disadvantages, thus actively shaping current market developments.

Financing long-term projects with impact

"With the approach of contribution claims, we offer our customers flexible options for their voluntary climate commitment – tailored to their respective corporate objectives. At the same time, we are creating an opportunity to develop projects that have positive impacts on local communities and the environment, beyond carbon reduction," says Robin Stoffers, Managing Director of ClimatePartner Impact. To this end, ClimatePartner Impact develops its own projects that place a strong focus on social and environmental benefits or promote the development of new and innovative technologies.

At present, the various approaches to contribution claims are being implemented at the project level. Together with ClimatePartner and independent stakeholders, ClimatePartner Impact is working on how these innovative approaches can be put into practice in the long term.

ClimatePartner sees the concept of contribution claims as an additional component of a holistic climate strategy for companies and organisations, in which the carbon footprint is calculated, short- and long-term targets are set, and reduction measures are implemented.

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