ClimatePartner expands its solution portfolio by launching its new Green Energy Package

November 29, 2021

More solutions come to the table to address the growing climate crisis.

Demand for responsible goods and services is growing at rapid speed as the climate crisis intensifies. As a market leader in the corporate climate action space, ClimatePartner’s reach across the globe is expanding to meet this challenge—and its range of services are evolving just as quickly. Its latest launch, the Green Energy Package, is giving commercial clients and energy suppliers yet another way to make a positive impact with ease.

Large amounts of energy for electricity, steam, heating, and cooling, are often responsible for the lion’s share of a company’s carbon emissions. Making the switch to green energy—energy that is generated from natural resources and often derived from renewable energy technologies such as wind or solar—can significantly reduce emissions and as a result, a company’s carbon footprint. It can be a complicated and expensive process to navigate alone: ClimatePartner has the expertise to source, purchase and cancel Energy Attribute Certificates for electricity and biomethane—enabling companies to convert their sites in all countries to green energy.

The Green Energy Package is a quick, flexible and cost-effective way for companies toimprove how they consume energy and represents an effective measure in their overall climate action strategy.

The package’s modular structure allows energy suppliers to provide their clients with the specific green electricity bundle they need and prefer, always with the certainty of it being backed by TÜV Rheinland’s high quality certification

TÜV Rheinland’s seal guarantees full transparency and ClimatePartner, its customers and their clients can use it in their communications. ClimatePartner offers a wide selection of products in its green electricity portfolio: from a cost-effective option that fulfills all minimum requirements, to solutions that include regional environmental protection, to specific installations or even the ability to make an additional contribution towards impactful projects with significant social and environmental benefits.

Dr. Sascha Lafeld, Head of Carbon Offset & Green Energy Services at ClimatePartner, states: “We know there’s not much time left to avoid the worst impacts of this climate crisis we are in. Companies have been asking for expert guidance in switching to green energy and we are answering that call. By choosing green energy, companies demonstrate their commitment to real and meaningful results for our planet.  We guarantee full transparency on the origin, no double counting from production to end use, and credible consumption of 100% electricity from renewable energy sources.”