Green Energy

Get your company on 100% renewable energy

Green energy for all your locations and sites

Energy consumption for electricity, steam, heating, and cooling is often responsible for a large part of a company’s carbon emissions. Switching to green energy, i.e., energy from renewable sources, is a key measure for companies to significantly reduce their Scope 2 emissions and thus their carbon footprint.

ClimatePartner enables companies to convert sites in all countries to green energy. To this end, we offer the procurement of Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) from all national and international certificates systems (Guarantees of Origin in Europe, RECs in the USA and Canada, I-RECs internationally) from all renewable energy technologies. These technologies include solar, wind, hydropower, biomass and geothermal energy.

Full transparency on the origin, no double counting and credible consumption of 100% electricity from renewable energies

Credible claims of green electricity consumption are always based on the purchasing and cancellation of Energy Attribute Certificates regardless of the procurement option. By matching the volume of electricity consumption in a given year with the cancellation of corresponding Energy Attribute Certificates a company is able to credibly claim green electricity consumption. This way, companies close the gap towards their aim of 100% green energy consumption whilst also actively contributing to shifting demand to zero-emissions energy.

The use of Energy Attribute Certificates is recognised by international standards such as RE100, CDP and Science Based Targets. It enables companies to improve their sustainability rating and is an effective measure to achieve Net Zero targets.

What can you expect from our Green Energy Services?

  • Advisory support for the development of your green electricity procurement strategy
  • Procurement and cancellation of Energy Attribute Certificates on your behalf to green the electricity consumption for your national and international operations
  • Upon request, support in reporting to international standards such as RE100, CDP and Science Based Targets 

Are you interested in an introductory meeting about green energy options or do you need specific support? Our Green Energy Services Team looks forward to hearing from you.