Mindful Chef claims an industry-first with carbon labelling

December 8, 2021

ClimatePartner is proud to announce that our client, Mindful Chef, the UK’s highest-rated recipe delivery box, has claimed a first in their industry by introducing carbon labels on their recipe kits this week. 

Mindful Chef has been met with remarkable success in the United Kingdom. As the company has skyrocketed, its sustainability journey has grown with it: from sourcing produce from British farms, to removing food waste and joining up with movements like B Corp, to now becoming officially climate neutral and pledging to get to Net Zero by 2030. 

As part of that commitment, Mindful Chef and ClimatePartner have put its existing recipes through a full life-cycle assessment, measuring GHG’s and the associated carbon footprint. Recipes that produced carbon emissions of less than 1.6kg now feature a ‘low carbon impact’ label, which empowers consumers to make a planet-friendly choice. 

ClimatePartner has been working with Mindful Chef for some time, providing input into their first ever carbon report and working together to offset a large portion of their carbon emissions – because, while their focus is on developing a robust reduction strategy and tackling emissions within their supply chain, the company is committed to taking responsibility for its impact today. 

We look forward to what’s next on their journey.