ClimatePartner API

Integrate climate action into your digital landscape using the ClimatePartner API

Calculate the carbon footprint of your product or service in real-time and easily incorporate financial contributions towards climate projects directly within your processes. In order to track your company's achievements, ClimatePartner also offers individual climate-ID pages to provide transparent access to key information on financed climate projects.

Whether you operate through an integrated MIS, ERP system, or any software facilitating your transactions, ClimatePartner's API offers industry-specific and fully automated technical integrations for your climate strategy.

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ClimatePartner API – Your benefits

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Streamlined sustainability: Simplify your climate action efforts by integrating our API solution into your existing systems and processes.

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Enhanced corporate responsibility: Demonstrate your commitment to climate action by measuring your climate impact and supporting certified climate projects.

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Improved stakeholder engagement: Engage your stakeholders with clear, concise reports that showcase your organisation's climate action efforts and progress.

Why choose ClimatePartner?

Expertise and reliability: With almost 20 years of experience in climate action, backed by a team of professionals, the ClimatePartner API ensures accurate calculations and reliable performance.

Customisable solutions: Tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives, our flexible API allows for seamless integration and scalability.

State-of-the-art technology: Our cloud-based systems prioritise stability, accessibility, and data integrity. Our scalable API guarantees consistently low query latencies.

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Sustainability solutions tailored to your industry

Whether you want to calculate the carbon footprint of your service, product, transportation route, travel itinerary, or hotel booking, our carbon accounting platform offers solutions tailored to your industry's needs. Our integration experts are happy to answer your questions about industry-specific solutions with the ClimatePartner API. Simply write to us using our contact form.

Example industries include:

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