ClimatePartner certified

ClimatePartner certification affirms that a company has worked through all five steps of a climate action strategy.

icon calculate emissions

Measure carbon footprints

Understand the emissions of your company and its products.

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icon set reduction targets

Set reduction targets

Define a roadmap to continually reduce emissions.

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icon implement reductions

Implement reductions

Take action to reduce your company's emissions.

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icon finance climate projects

Finance climate projects

Support verified climate projects to finance global climate action.

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Communicate transparently

Share your climate action efforts to maximise impact.

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Five steps to climate action with ClimatePartner certified

We all want to do something about climate change. But what?

ClimatePartner has been supporting companies in their climate action for almost 20 years. With ClimatePartner certified, we give you a clear plan to follow, broken down into five steps.

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Find out more about the five steps of corporate climate action in our free downloadable checklist.

Companies can do their part to limit global warming by committing to wide-reaching emissions reduction.
The checklist will guide your company through an effective and transparent climate action strategy.

tablet checklist five steps

Please fill out the form, you will receive the checklist by email.


Companies ensure transparency by communicating their climate action via an individual climate-ID page. Consumers can use this page to understand the steps a company is taking, including the reduction measures implemented and climate projects financed.

Example of climate-ID page for a product

The ClimatePartner certified label is awarded to companies and products that commit to continuous climate action across all five steps. The label includes a unique link to the climate-ID page.


The ClimatePartner certified label

The ClimatePartner certified label provides transparent disclosure of a company’s entire climate action strategy.


ClimatePartner signet

Climate action is depicted by the stylised letters ‘C’ and ‘P’ that surround a circle, the symbol for our planet earth.



The ClimatePartner label indicates exactly what has been certified: a company or a product.



The unique climate-ID number and the associated URL can be used to track the climate action measures that are associated with that specific label.


QR code (optional)

The QR code facilitates quick access to all related information via a smartphone.

The ClimatePartner certification is the next step in ClimatePartner’s long history of empowering companies to take climate action. Find out more about why now is the time to take climate action to a new level.

Blog article: Why did we introduce the solution ClimatePartner certified?

In our blog article you learn why we introduced ClimatePartner certified, why the five steps are so important, and why you as a company should opt for ClimatePartner certified.

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