Forests as a source of food – crops grown under Kenyan trees

Our project in Mount Kenya National Park

Crop cultivation under Kenyan trees

Mount Kenya National Park in the interior of the country includes the second highest mountain in Africa. This tropical region boasts a variety of vegetation, from mountain woodland and bamboo forest to scrubland and shrub-steppes.

Here our partners have already planted over 1.5 million trees in order to restore around 300 hectares of degraded land. As part of their activities, the local population is also encouraged to sow crop plants, such as fruit and vegetables, between the young trees. While they look after their crops, the inhabitants can help protect the trees at the same time.

Why are we doing this? 

  • A resilient forest generates more humid climatic conditions and creates its own microclimate. This has a positive effect on areas that are increasingly suffering from drought and regular forest fires.
  • The young trees are sourced from local nurseries, which grow plants that originate in the region and are thus well suited to the local vegetation. 
  • Thanks to the tree nurseries, local inhabitants can also earn an income by looking after the saplings.
  • The forest of Mount Kenya is a source of food for the population. Through regular visits and training sessions, the local inhabitants learn about the condition of the trees. They encourage their preservation and look after the forest. A fire brigade is engaged in fire prevention and protection.

Help us to restore and preserve these habitats in the long term. You can make a valuable contribution to local development with us to regenerate regions affected by deforestation.

Write to us and we will inform you how you can actively participate.