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Bring customers and climate action together

Our Customer Management team partners with our clients to drive climate action and reach new heights together. From deepening our relationships with customers, to developing sustainability solutions, we have a variety of valuable skills and experiences to share. Join us on the journey!


Meet Abdulla and get insights in the Customer Management team in Italy

Abdulla (he/him)
Customer Management
Milan, Italy

Please describe your department and your role in it.
As a Sustainability Consultant working with our Customer Management (CM) team, my job is to accompany our corporate clients throughout their journey of measuring their carbon footprint, analyzing it, and defining their coming climate action activity. The Customer Management team is sub-divided into multiple industry teams each specializing in a specific sector to better advise our clients.

What do you enjoy most in your role/your department?
The most enjoyable part of my role is the interaction with both external clients and internal functions within ClimatePartner. As a project owner, I am responsible to communicate with almost all other departments within ClimatePartner to bring forward the best results for the client and eventually create the most impact. It’s a 360-degree role that allows expanding expertise in most climate action related topics.

How would you describe the culture at ClimatePartner?  
The culture at ClimatePartner is friendly, stimulating, and authentic. The bigger team shares the obvious drive to work for impact. On the contrast, on an individual level, the company brings people together from different backgrounds, both on the academic/professional and cultural levels. Being a growing company with a growing range of services, creativity and new suggestions are always more than welcome!


Meet Anjila and get insights in the Customer Management team in the UK

Anjila (she/her)
Customer Management
London, UK

Please describe your department and your role in it.
I work as a Sustainability Consultant in the London office focusing on services and financial services in particular. My daily work includes supporting clients on every part of their sustainability journey from understanding climate change and carbon accounting to collecting data for their carbon footprint, filling data gaps, creating bespoke results reports, discussing emission reduction potential, offsetting emissions and communicating about climate change and sustainability. I also work on several internal innovation projects, developing new products and offerings for clients.

What do you enjoy most in your role/your department?
I enjoy speaking with clients and helping them achieve more than they initially thought possible on their sustainability journeys. As an engineer, I enjoy getting into the technical details of carbon footprinting, and also enjoy thinking big scale about which innovative, scalable solutions we can develop to best help companies take climate action.

How would you describe the culture at ClimatePartner? 
Fun, empowering, trusting, supportive, willing to challenge the status quo and always strive to do even better.


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