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In our Operations & Legal team, we keep the organization running by supporting the ever-changing needs of a fast-growing company. The teams consists of sub-teams, f.e. Office Management, Legal and Finance. Our Office Management takes care of all colleagues and guests within our office spaces, our Legal team supports and advises teams in the complexities of all legal issues, and our Finance team ensures the financial health of the company.

You want to know more about our Legal team? Meet Natascha!

Natascha (she/her)
Munich, Germany

Please describe your department and your role in it.
I work in the Legal department at ClimatePartner as a Legal Counsel. Currently, our Legal department handles all legal issues that arise on a day-to-day basis as well as special legal questions. As a team, we work very closely together to provide the best possible support to the whole team at ClimatePartner. Our tasks go beyond the "classic" tasks of a legal department, such as drafting contracts, and also include the clarification of special legal challenges across industries - not only in the German and European context, but internationally. My tasks as a Legal Counsel include the drafting of contracts as well as the preparation and monitoring of international contracts with a wide variety of counterparties. Another part of my work is related to trademark law and the resolution of possible disputes.

What do you enjoy most in your role/your department?
What I like most about my role as a Legal Council is the variety of tasks, duties and responsibilities. They range from operational tasks to clarifying specific and unique legal issues. There is a lot going on in the area of climate law not only in Europe but all over the world. The protection of our climate and our earth as a whole is gaining in importance not only in politics but also in jurisdiction and legislation. This development is not only very welcome, but also very interesting to follow. In my role as a Legal Counsel, I am in the awesome situation to implement this impact directly into our daily activities. In this way, even the smallest improvement can be perceived, implemented and its positive effects determined.

How would you describe the culture at ClimatePartner?  
The culture within ClimatePartner is very open and relaxed. We deal with each other in an easy and friendly manner. For me personally, this means that even challenges can be addressed openly and everyone will help to work on the solution. The team spirit is not only contagious, but also incredibly motivating. Meeting people every day who share your values and want to improve this world together is very important to me and something very special.

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