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Develop models that help save the planet.

Behind the scenes at ClimateParner, you'll find a team of stars conducting research and developing standards for carbon accounting models to ensure our clients attain the most accurate results in carbon footprint calculations. Join our team and improve the world.


Meet Luisa and learn more about the Research & Development team

Luisa (she/her)
Research & Development
Berlin, Germany

Please describe your department and your role in it.
I am part of the footprint calculator team within Research & Development. The Research & Development department makes sure that our knowledge base in carbon accounting is transferred across the company, for example by holding regular training sessions. We, in the Footprint Calculator team develop, improve, and document the methodologies for carbon footprint calculations. My role includes documenting our solutions for internal and external usage, the deviation of well-grounded default values to handle possible data gaps from our customers and the definition of the methodologies for different scope 3 calculations.

What do you enjoy most in your role/your department?
One of the aspects that excites me the most about my department is the constant exchange of knowledge, which enables a constant learning progress for me and my colleagues. We are an amazing group of carbon accounting enthusiast, who work every day on further developing our company. This gives me purpose and sense of meaning.

How would you describe the culture at ClimatePartner?  
ClimatePartner’s culture allows you to grow and challenge yourself in a fun, people-oriented environment. We are a team with people from all over the world who come together for the same purpose, which is reflected in the open-mindedness of the people. I appreciate the trust given to the young graduates to do their first steps in their professional growth.



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