Climate Pledge Friendly Program by Amazon


What does Amazon's Climate Pledge Friendly program cover?

Climate Pledge Friendly helps customers on discover and buy more sustainable products. Climate Pledge Friendly identifies products that have made sustainability improvements. Our label Carbon neutral by ClimatePartner is one of the labels listed by Amazon.

Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly

Carbon neutral products with ClimatePartner

ClimatePartner supports you in calculating the emissions of your products based on the GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Standard. Based on the product carbon footprint you can then derive reduction measures. As a pure trader of goods, you reduce CO2 emissions by, for example, choosing local producers and sustainable packaging. By offsetting residual emissions through internationally certified carbon offset projects, you achieve carbon neutrality. You can recognize carbon neutral products by the carbon neutral label.

Our solution for Amazon merchants - these are the steps:

  • Based on your products, we will send you a non-binding offer.
  • After countersigning, you receive access to our cloud-based software.
  • After data collection, we calculate the CO2 balance of your products.
  • A results report gives you an insight into the emissions caused and enables you to implement targeted reduction measures.
  • Using our cloud-based software, you can then select a carbon offset project and thus achieve carbon neutrality.
  • You will then automatically receive the label, including ID tracking, as well as your certificate and support in the form of communication material.
  • Our customer management transmits the carbon neutrality to Amazon, so you will be listed under the Climate Pledge Friendly Program.

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