Awareness raising on the ground: a campaign for clean drinking water

February 26, 2019

Clean drinking water is not a matter of course in Madagascar: only five percent of the population in rural areas have access to clean water. Our carbon offset project uses solar pumps to pump water from deeply drilled wells to higher water reservoirs. Special filters and disinfection by UV rays guarantee that the water is potable. In this way, five villages are already connected to the water supply.

Hygienic handling is essential to prevent bacteria and other contaminants from getting into the water. Our local partner therefore held an information event in the village of Ampamakia in the north-west of Madagascar in October 2018. Besides the mayor, the school principal and many parents, all pupils of the village took part. A total of 200 people learned how water is transported, stored and used to keep it clean. The use of clean drinking water has an immense impact on the lives of the local population: diarrhoeal diseases occur much less frequently, which means that the families have less medical treatment costs. This gives them more money to invest in their children's education.