C&A: climate neutral in Spain and Portugal

November 6, 2020

The C&A fashion brand has taken another step further in its sustainability strategy and announced a plan to offset the carbon emissions of its 115 shops in Spain and Portugal.

For this C&A calculated all the CO2 emissions the company generates in its shops and offices (from heating systems to electricity to employee commuting).

The project, which is part of the brand's sustainability strategy, is carried out in cooperation with ClimatePartner, a leading provider of solutions for corporate climate action.

To compensate for unavoidable emissions in accordance with international standards, C&A supports certified carbon offset projects, such as the transformation of degraded fields in the city of Guanaré, Uruguay, into useful forests. This reforestation is VCS verified and validated by Rainforest Alliance, allowing for the accumulation of about 7 million tons of CO₂during the entire project.

Domingos Esteves, C&A's general manager for the Iberian Peninsula, adds: "This pilot project launched in Spain and Portugal is part of our company's global sustainability strategy. C&A has committed to making sustainability the norm. Not only through the collections, which offer environmentally friendly products, but also through the value chain and operations.”

By 2030, C&A commits to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, also in the production chain

Sustainability strategy includes a commitment to reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030. The goal covers not only the company's value chain but also its offices, distribution centers and stores (both its production chain and its factories and shops, through the use and supply of more sustainable materials and the responsible management of the environmental performance of its supply chain).

C&A aspires to make all energy used in own operations 100% renewable

Another important initiative is C&As aspiration to use 100% renewable energy in its own operations by 2025. C&A will continue to improve efficiencies and aim to source all electricity from renewable sources.

C&A has been recognized as one of the few brands that have disclosed its entire GHG inventory for five years.

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