Carbon neutral yoghurt – a collaboration between The Collective and ClimatePartner

September 29, 2021

The Collective, a UK-based and B-corp certified producer of yoghurt and kefir, created the UK's first carbon neutral dairy yoghurt – and we at ClimatePartner are delighted to have guided them on this journey.

⁠⁠The Collective is a collective of people who are striving to do better in everything they do. Whether that’s creating delicious yoghurts, or thinking about how one can have a better impact on the planet and communities.

The Collective has announced that all its products will be certified carbon neutral by 2025. With three flavours to start with, this carbon neutral yoghurt is one of the first steps of a journey to live the company´s promise of ‘Eat Better. Do better’. Therefore, The Collective has worked with us to measure and offset the carbon emissions that are generated throughout the production of the Blended yoghurt.

Sarah Smart, The Collective´s General Manager, has said: “The cooperation with ClimatePartner is an incremental part of our own journey to become better every day. We want to challenge ourselves to look for all opportunities to further reduce our carbon footprint. For this, ClimatePartner is just the right partner for us.”

In addition to measuring, reducing and offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions with our support, The Collective also takes additional measures to improve the carbon and ecological footprint of its products. This includes alternative options for the packaging such as the usage of recyclable materials.

Find out more about the supported offsetting and reduction projects, as well as how much CO2 has been offset by The Collective so far at