ClimatePartner expands offering for Green Energy Services

October 8, 2020

RECS International membership underlines holistic approach towards climate action

ClimatePartner is expanding its product range for corporate customers in the field of Green Energy Services. A newly established team headed by Dr. Sascha Lafeld offers services that enable companies to develop and implement strategies for the procurement of green energy products. At the same time, ClimatePartner has joined RECS International, the leading industry association for green energy. The European association gathers under its umbrella market participants in the field of green energy, such as green electricity producers, suppliers, traders and brokers, and supports their activities through exchange, networking and mutual synergies.

With its new offer of Green Energy Services, ClimatePartner is expanding considerably its range of climate action solutions. Using Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC) companies can reduce their emissions from externally procured energy sources (Scope 2) and thus reduce their carbon footprint. EACs are recognized by the CDP and represent an effective complement to other measures towards climate neutrality, such as compensating unavoidable CO2 emissions via carbon offset projects.

In this context, joining RECS International is an important step to further gain a voice in this market environment. RECS International is a non-profit organization representing more than 200 players in the green energy market. In cooperation with its members from over 85 companies and institutions, RECS International promotes the creation of an open and transparent, demand driven market for renewable energy. The organization works with governments, policymakers, regulators and system operators. Its aim is to accelerate the global energy transition through effective renewable energy markets and thus make a significant contribution to combating climate change.

Dr. Sascha Lafeld, Head of Carbon Offset and Green Energy Services at ClimatePartner, said: "Energy Attribute Certificates are a recognized, established instrument that can be used to prove the source of green power generation and can be traced back to the consumer. Their provision helps to achieve climate targets where other solutions for sustainable energy supply are not available. By joining RECS International, we can share and expand our expertise with other market participants and together embed green energy as an integral part of our corporate customers' climate action strategies.”