ClimatePartner expands to the Nordics

October 26, 2021

With a new office in Stockholm, ClimatePartner brings 15 years of climate action know-how to the Nordic region

ClimatePartner opens its first office in Sweden. The international provider for corporate climate action solutions brings 15 years of expertise to the Swedish and Scandinavian markets, enabling and supporting companies of all sizes and industries to measure, reduce and offset their carbon emissions. Massimo Di Biaggio, with extensive experience in the climate and energy field, will lead the Nordic team.

Strong international growth due to increasing demand from the market led to ClimatePartner’s expansion into Sweden. Companies in the Nordics will have access to a  best in class compliance-ready insight into their carbon footprint and be able to take action accordingly. ClimatePartner’s internationally acknowledged label “carbon neutral”, which can already be found on thousands of products in many countries, also brings clarity and orientation to climate conscious consumers for their shopping decisions. The label  is linked to an industry-leading ID tracking system which states what carbon emissions of a company or product are offset and what measures are taken.

For offsetting any unavoidable carbon emissions, ClimatePartner develops and works together with strictly certified international carbon offset projects, complying to recognized standards such as Gold Standard or VCS.

Sales head Massimo Di Biaggio has several years of experience in the climate and energy field in the Nordic Region. He previously worked in  Business Development and Sales across many consumer segments and industry sectors. Under Massimo´s leadership, a local team will be established to directly support companies in the Nordic region in tackling and implementing climate action.

Moritz Lehmkuhl, CEO and Founder of ClimatePartner stated “Sweden is a world leader in the Global Sustainability index, and consumers value sustainable products more and more. By being able to offer our Nordic customers our internationally recognized label “carbon neutral” with transparent tracking, we ensure that companies continue to increase their climate ambition and improve the communication with their consumers. We are very glad to have such an experienced professional as Massimo on board.”

ClimatePartner already has offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy and the USA and will continue its expansion with additional locations in France and Spain.

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