ClimatePartner launches climate action initiative for consumers

August 26, 2020

Establishment of the non-profit ClimatePartner Foundation

With the platform ClimatePartner YOU consumers can take action against climate change

ClimatePartner has established the ClimatePartner Foundation. The non-profit organisation will provide a simple and effective solution that enables consumers to take action against climate change. It is developing the ClimatePartner YOU platform for this, where users can find out about their options to influence climate change and take action straight away.

Immediate change and action are required to ensure that the effects of climate change, which is already beginning, can still be controlled for future generations and that the basis of human life can continue to exist. Not only business and industry, but also consumers can and must reduce their carbon emissions to achieve the United Nations 1.5°C climate action target.

Tristan A. Foerster, managing director of ClimatePartner and co-founder of the ClimatePartner Foundation, explains: "We are seeing a growing public awareness for the importance of climate action. Many people want to get active here, but they lack a simple and effective solution that enables them to do so. ClimatePartner has been supporting companies for over 15 years in calculating, reducing and offsetting their emissions. We want to make our knowhow in climate action accessible to consumers, too. Therefore, with ClimatePartner YOU, we are working on an initiative to enable them to take action, so we all can achieve the 1.5°C target."

With ClimatePartner as the initiator, the foundation can build on a great deal of expertise when it comes to collecting and calculating emissions data, knowledge of climate action technologies and the reliable and transparent development of carbon offset projects.

The platform is to be launched in Germany, Austria and Switzerland before autumn 2020 and will then be gradually extended to other European countries. Gerrit Mewes, former founder of Rocket Internet and the recycling marketplace METALSALE, could be won over for the project to give the initiative the necessary prestige and standing. He will drive the development of ClimatePartner YOU together with the two other co-founders Tristan A. Foerster and Moritz Lehmkuhl.

About the ClimatePartner Foundation gGmbh
ClimatePartner Foundation gGmbh, based in Berlin, is a non-profit organisation that supports consumers in taking effective measures against climate change. To this end, the foundation develops international carbon offset projects and operates the ClimatePartner YOU climate action platform, where users can find out about their options to influence climate change and take action straight away.

Contact ClimatePartner Foundation gGmbH
Gerrit Mewes
Grimmstraße 12c
D-10967 Berlin
Tel. +49 (30) 61081441-0 


Picture: The founding team of the ClimatePartner Foundation (left to right) with Tristan A. Foerster, Gerrit Mewes and Moritz Lehmkuhl.