ClimatePartner UK: growing strong for climate action

April 8, 2021

Sixfold team expansion and new office confirm demand for ClimatePartner´s pioneering solutions and profound expertise

A growth story that illustrates the strength of the current momentum: In response to the growing consumer and investor awareness around climate action and carbon neutrality ClimatePartner, an international innovation leader for corporate climate action solutions, expanded its team capacities in the United Kingdom sixfold within less than nine months.

ClimatePartner´s UK operations started in August 2020. Between then and today, the team of sustainability and climate action professionals grew from two to twelve, supporting an also growing base of customers in their climate action strategy. The growth is accompanied by a move into larger office spaces at County Hall, Waterloo.

The demand for ClimatePartner’s software led pragmatic approach to carbon footprinting, reduction initiatives and integrated Offsetting As A Service continues to rise. Latest customers include brands like Leon Restaurants offering the first carbon neutral burger and fries, insuretech company Marshmallow, and a silent hero of many peoples’ lockdown, recipe box leaders Mindful Chef amongst many others.

As the market shows increasing awareness and understanding for the need for carbon neutral products and operations, the growth of ClimatePartner´s London office shows no signs of slowing either. The team represents the cosmopolitan nature of London with multiple nationalities from various walks of life, bringing decades of expertise in green energy, offsets markets and work with the Carbon Disclosure Project; years of study and qualifications in sustainability and environmental technology from recognised courses from Cambridge University and fields as diverse as sustainable supply chains to permaculture. Professionally the UK team draws from a broad range of industries from tech start-ups; to finance and capital market; to the biogas and waste-to-energy industries; to protecting human rights and combating child exploitation, human trafficking and extreme poverty, and even leading tree planting projects across Britain.

As part of the growth, ClimatePartner also joined forces with sustainability consultancy Ensight, headed by Charlotte Griaud, to combine their talent and experience with ClimatePartner’s software and labelling technology.

The easing of lockdown restrictions is leading many to reconsider their working spaces in a post-pandemic world. Although there has been great adoption of remote working, the ClimatePartner team is looking forward to opening the doors to their new County Hall offices in Waterloo, London overlooking the River Thames and the Houses of Parliament in mid of May 2021.

Emilien Hoet, Head of ClimatePartner UK: “It's been really exciting to see how much momentum there is in the UK right now for corporate climate action. We've been delighted to support businesses of all sizes and industries from food to bicycles, finance to fashion. We've even had the privilege of supporting an NHS trust in understanding their carbon footprint and setting a reduction plan – all in the midst of a pandemic. It really goes to show that climate action is for everyone and I'm super proud to say we have the team, resources, product, and expertise to truly accelerate our transition to a low carbon, sustainable economy.”


(Photo by Paddy Kumar on Unsplash)