Forest and wildlife protection through hydropower – the next round

January 31, 2020

Our hydropower project in Virunga National Park is being expanded

Our exclusive climate protection project at the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo enters the next round: As a follow-up to the successful pioneering project with a run-of-river power plant supplying many households and small businesses with electricity, the operator in the region has now put a second project into operation. This, too, supports the economic development in this region and contributes to the protection of the jungle and thus also the home of the endangered mountain gorillas. The project now needs support to cover the additional financing costs.

As it provides the population with clean energy, the project protects the forest, which would otherwise be cut down and burned. The generated energy is the basis for small businesses and also jobs. It also enables street lighting for the villages, which ultimately improves the safety and coexistence of the village communities.

Virunga is an example of how ClimatePartner develops and creates exclusive projects. We are flexible in terms of climate protection technologies and regions and can respond to many specific requirements of our clients and partners.

If you decide on an exclusive project, you have several advantages: you can choose your projects individually and benefit from the significantly higher identification with the topic or region. In addition, you have exclusivity in the communication on the chosen project, which is reliably available on a long-term basis.

Depending on the technology and region, projects starting at 10,000 tons of CO2 per year are available exclusively for you. Besides the hydropower project in Virunga, there are many other exclusive projects developed by us, such as clean drinking water in India and Madagascar, reforestation in Brazil or solar energy in Namibia.

The new hydropower project in Virunga is currently still available as an exclusive project for clients. Upon request, we develop further projects, which then, for example, meet specific criteria defined by the client, such as certain technologies or regions.