Green electricity as a component in comprehensive climate protection

April 1, 2019

Electricity often makes up one of the largest shares in corporate emissions. Most of these CO2 emissions can be avoided by transitioning to renewable energy sources. In Western Europe, this is a rather simple process for companies: they can choose from a range of high-quality offers and switch to green energy. This situation looks quite different in many other countries. Those who operate production facilities outside of Western Europe are faced with a lack of transparency in the products available. 

At ClimatePartner, we have built up a global network of seasoned project developers thanks to our 13 years of experience with carbon offset projects. Many of these developers focus on renewable energy, a field with widely varying offers, ranging from providers of cheap certificates to genuinely high-quality facilities that make a sensible contribution to the energy transition. 

This can be illustrated using the example of the Chinese Three Gorges Dam. The electricity it produces might be virtually free of emissions, but this doesn’t mean that the dam isn’t highly controversial – for good reason –, with a number of detrimental effects. The more appropriate option revolves around environmentally justifiable plants without negative side effects while supporting the further push for renewable energies and sustainable development. When choosing a plant, we also take into account include age, Guarantee of Origin, and development perspectives. We present the facts to you transparently. In addition to the selection of meaningful plants, we also help initiate new projects

Our support, however, reaches beyond concrete implementation: in collaboration with you, we’ll work out an energy strategy for your (global) locations and help you formulate concrete objectives.

Would you like to exchange ideas on this, or do you already require concrete support? Our Managing Director Moritz Lehmkuhl looks forward to hearing from you.