Informed Solutions: carbon neutral digital transformation

April 26, 2021

Informed Solutions, a leading international provider of digital transformation, technology, data analytics and systems integration services approached ClimatePartner for support and guidance in achieving certified climate neutral status. We were happy and glad to accompany Informed Solutions on that journey, providing our expertise and knowledge to the organisation.

The process started with ClimatePartner assisting Informed Solutions in collecting adequate data and consequently calculating its corporate emissions and those related to the company’s products, services and operational activities. The company then decided to compensate for its emissions through recognised woodland creation and afforestation carbon offset projects in England and Scotland. These projects aim to restore and forest rough pasture into habitat, benefitting local wildlife and society, increasing biodiversity, and boosting waterway connectivity across the region. The projects are paired with an internationally recognized afforestation project in Uruguay to guarantee climate neutrality in accordance with international standards. Both align with various of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including ‘climate action,’ ‘clean water and sanitation’ and ‘good health and wellbeing.’

Informed Solutions UK CEO, Seth Finegan: “The projects further align perfectly with our wider role as a digital delivery partner and service manager in determining the success of Clean Air Zones, a UK wide initiative aimed at bringing cleaner air to millions of citizens. The overall climate neutral certification is an important step towards reaching our personal sustainability goals, and is part of our work to reduce emissions year-on-year with the ultimate aim of reaching carbon net zero status by 2023.”

Calculating a corporate carbon footprint is a company’s first step in reaching its net zero targets. It allows one to identify key pain points and emission hotspots, and consequently evaluate the best ways in which to reduce its emissions. ClimatePartner not only helps companies calculate these emissions through its SAAS model, but also acts as a consulting service, facilitating the development of key reduction strategies. Emissions that cannot currently be reduced are then offset through certified projects as those supported by Informed Solutions.

About Informed Solutions

Formed in 1992, Informed’s purpose is to create economic and social value by helping to build a more inclusive, fair and safe society through ethical use of technology and data and investing in digital skills.

With offices across the UK and Australia, Informed’s innovative and agile approach drives digital transformation for globally recognised brands across a number of industry sectors including: Government, Healthcare, Emergency Services, Utilities, Energy, Planning and Land Management, Transport and Logistics and more.

Further information can be obtained at the company website and through the ClimatePartner ID tracking.