Oris: a climate neutral company with climate neutral products

August 30, 2021

It is about time that companies of all branches and industries take on ambitious climate action to tackle climate change. In this context it is only logical that those who already have been led by sustainability and responsibility goals now increase their efforts even further, continuing their leadership and innovation approach. We at ClimatePartner are therefore very glad to accompany the Swiss watchmaker Oris in its climate action journey and certify both the company and its products as climate neutral.

We calculated emissions of both the company and its products, taking into account all relevant aspects that are needed for a strict and meaningful carbon footprint. Based on that, Oris is able to identify possibilities to reduce carbon emissions and to offset all unavoidable emissions.

In regards to emissions reduction, the company has been active already over the past years. Supply chains were improved, allowing the company to offer straps made of recycled PET and sustainably sourced leather, watch boxes made of algae, and products with materials made of recycled plastic. In addition, Oris has been upgrading the factory premises so that it has a significantly lower impact on the environment. For example, solar panels can generate 60 per cent of the electricity needed in the Hölstein headquarter.

ClimatePartner has since issued Oris with the label “climate neutral”, confirming that more than 2,500 tonnes of yet unavoidable CO2 are offset. This is done by supporting the “Clean oceans” project, run by Plastic Bank, which has stopped one billion plastic bottles entering the ocean so far. For each compensated tonne of CO2, 10 kg of plastic waste is collected.

Sven Berther, Managing Director ClimatePartner Switzerland: “Across the industry, many efforts are going into making watchmaking more sustainable and climate neutral. Here, Oris has been on the forefront for years, driving research and investment into sustainability as part of the company´s core understanding. We are excited to support Oris in their efforts and be their partner for the company´s sustainable future.”

Becoming climate neutral is not the end of the road for Oris. The real added value of continuous carbon footprinting lies in its ever repeating circle and leveraging reduction possibilities of emissions. This process encourages innovation and drives emissions reduction. From 2022, Oris aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 10 per cent every year.

More details on Oris´ climate neutrality can be seen here.