The elections in the USA: A new hope

November 10, 2020

Statement of Moritz Lehmkuhl, founder and CEO of ClimatePartner:

As an innovation leader and international provider of solutions for holistic corporate climate action, ClimatePartner very much welcomes the outcome of the presidential election in the USA. We sincerely hope that this can set the ground for a significant change in politics, especially with regards to environmental and climate policy.

Over the last few years, we have observed an increasing amount of American companies and consumers realizing the urgency of our climate crisis and taking action against it. On the innovation front, the US is already going a promising path in areas such as clean technology or mobility. What is encouraging is that initiatives taken on a corporate, industrial and private level are now likely to be supported and enforced by policy. A government that respects and understands climate science and our planetary boundaries: what an outlook for a low-carbon future!

At ClimatePartner we have been solidifying our climate action support to international companies throughout 2020, with a dedicated team of experts specifically catering to the US market. This includes Craig Davis, former head of marketing and sales for Tesla Motors, one of the pioneers of clean mobility and technology. Companies entering the US market who have strong climate action strategies and for example offer climate-neutral products can no longer expect the political apathy on climate change.

Our experience in supporting almost 3.000 companies in 35 countries tells us that companies have long seen the value, understand the need and hear the call of consumers and clients for climate-friendly and climate-neutral products and services. This applies to both the US and also to the rest of the world. The measurement, reduction and offsetting of unavoidable carbon emissions is a path we all must take – regardless of political preferences.

Joe Biden, the President-elect, has already announced that the US will re-enter the Paris climate agreement once he and his administration will be in office. We hope that this is followed by ambitious climate leadership that listens to the science, follows sustainable and ecological principles and drives the change the world needs.