Rituals Cosmetics plants, protects or restores a tree for every refill sold—with help from ClimatePartner

April 22, 2022

Rituals Cosmetics, a sustainable and personal wellbeing brand in the beauty luxury industry, has announced its biggest investment yet to support the wellbeing of the planet: the company has committed to planting, protecting or restoring a tree for every refill sold.

Rituals is aiming to grow 5 million trees globally by the end of 2022 and to do this, it has joined forces with ClimatePartner and earthday.org to focus on mangroves in India and Kenya.

In the Kenyan city of Mombasa, ClimatePartner has been working with partners on a massive reforestation project, under the leadership of local youngsters working in collaboration with community members. This year, 750,000 mangroves will be planted on this site on behalf of Rituals with ClimatePartner, as part of its “Buy One Refill Grow One Tree Program”.

“Rituals is all about wellbeing – we value people’s personal wellbeing as much as the environmental wellbeing. With our refill movement we’re trying to play our part by helping our customers to make conscious decisions. In 2021 alone, we saved 434.138 kg in materials, thanks to our loyal customers choosing our wide range of eco-chic refills,” explains Director of Innovation & Sustainability Niki Schilling. “Understanding the crucial role that trees play in the future of our planet, we introduced the Buy One Refill, Grow One Tree Program, to trigger proactive changes that support our environment.”

Supporting carbon capture via reforestation initiatives such as these is part of Rituals’ wider Clean, Conscious & Caring strategy, in which the Certified B Corporationä commits to reduce its environmental footprint.