Product Carbon Footprint

CO2 emissions of products 

How we calculate the CO2 emissions of your products 

We also use the latest international standards to calculate your products' carbon footprint (PCF), which is like a carbon ID card for your products. The PCF is based on the entire lifecycle of the product, from raw materials and manufacture to supply (cradle-to-gate) or, beyond that, to include duration of usage and final disposal (cradle-to-grave).

The PCF is derived from your company's carbon balance and can be product-based or order-based. For calculations for individual orders we can create a CO2 calculator for you that will show your CO2 emissions.

Where services are concerned, the procedure is the same. We include the proportion of emissions produced by the company in addition to the order-specific emissions (e.g. for services such as event catering).

To see the products and sectors for which we have already calculated a PCF, see some of our client case studies