Climate action from fiber to fabric at Lenzing and Suominen

Climate action at Lenzing and Suominen

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Climate action from fiber to fabric at Lenzing and Suominen

As a producer of fibers, Lenzing stands at the very beginning of the value chain for a wide range of different textile and non-woven products. Relying on wood as a renewable source, the globally operating group has always been aware of its responsibility towards the environment and thus been committed to sustainability. 

Lenzing reduces carbon emissions through the use of more efficient production methods, resource-preserving technology and renewable energy. Their Lyocell fibers for woven and non-woven products are available as carbon neutral. To maximise their impact in climate action, Lenzing is also supporting their customers to reduce emissions and offer carbon neutral products themselves. 

For that Lenzing connects manufacturers such as Suominen, who turns LENZING™ fibers into fabrics, with ClimatePartner. As part of the collaboration Suominen made its nonwoven material BIOLACE® Zero carbon neutral and continues the sustainability efforts further along the value chain. 

After reducing emissions, both companies offset unabated emissions through certified carbon offset projects: 

Lenzing supports a carbon offset project in San Jose, Nicaragua to guarantee carbon neutrality for their VEOCEL™ fibers.  

Suominen also selected a carbon offset project related to wood, a forest protection project in Mataven, Colombia, to achieve carbon neutrality for its BIOLACE® Zero fibers. 


Lenzing’s carbon neutral TENCEL™ and VEOCEL™ fibers come with the lowest CO2 footprint in the industry and provide, as a key ingredient in Textile and Consumer Goods, an opportunity for customers to leverage climate action to reduce their scope-3 emissions. This momentum helps Lenzing to further reduce its own operational and the up-stream suppliers’ emissions.


Krishna Manda
VP Corporate Sustainability

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