Climate action from A to Ytong -

CO2 reduction at Xella

Climate action from A to Ytong - CO2 reduction at Xella

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The construction and building industry is responsible for 38% of global CO2 emissions. This includes both construction itself and the subsequent operations involved. However, half of the emissions already occur in the production and processing of building materials.

In the face of the climate crisis and dwindling resources, the construction industry is faced with the challenge of finding more sustainable solutions. As a leading international solution provider in the field of construction and insulation materials, Xella has taken up this challenge.

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"It is our mission to design energy-efficient, costeffective and sustainable construction, housing and living … and by setting clear targets on CO2 emissions, resource conservation, diversity and equal opportunities, our ESG Strategy provides the blueprint to achieve that mission."

Cecile Fages
Chief Sustainability and Communications Officer

Success stories of our customers

Tiny Life by Atelier Seitz GmbH

When most trade fairs were cancelled in the spring of 2020 due to the corona pandemic, Atelier Seitz GmbH, which specialized in trade fair construction, was faced with a financial challenge. It has overcome it in creative fashion.

Climate action at Lenzing and Suominen

This collaboration shows how joint efforts in climate action work across the supply chain. Lenzing's carbon neutral Lyocell fibers are used by Suominen for the production of carbon neutral nonwovens, building the basis for consumer products such as wet wipes.

One for life: Climate action at SIGG

For more than 100 years, SIGG has been manufacturing drinking bottles that can be seen all over the world. With innovative solutions, the Swiss company has succeeded in reducing the ecological