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Work with us

At ClimatePartner, we are on a mission to make a difference for our planet, and we invite you to join us and start your climate action journey.

We do more than talk about change; we are committed to making it happen. ClimatePartner is dedicated to empowering businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and combatting the pressing challenges of climate change head-on.

Ready to make a difference?

We’ll guide you through the steps to kick-start your climate action journey. Find out how easy it is to begin making a positive impact with us.

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Why us?

ClimatePartner offers concrete and measurable solutions for the five steps of climate action. Learn how we can help you reach your sustainability goals.

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Customer Success Stories

Mindful Chef – a Recipe Box Company with Net Zero Ambitions

"The support and guidance ClimatePartner provided as we took our first step towards Net Zero was unparalleled. Their expertise and openness made navigating what can be a complex and evolving topic completely approachable. On top of that there's a real sense of their passion for what they do, their desire to share knowledge and their commitment to helping companies like ours take the best action possible."

Emma Detain
Sustainability Manager

Benugo - carbon footprint coffee menu

"The first step is to encourage people to choose a less impactful cup, and the second step is to remove and offset any remaining emissions through verified carbon offset projects."

Shane Kavanagh
Commercial Director

Tiny Life by Atelier Seitz GmbH

“We wanted to be able to offset unavoidable carbon emissions from production, assembly and disassembly and the transportation of people and materials. ClimatePartner made that possible!” 

Michael Kapper
Managing Director

Climate action at Lenzing and Suominen

Lenzing’s carbon neutral TENCEL™ and VEOCEL™ fibers come with the lowest CO2 footprint in the industry and provide, as a key ingredient in Textile and Consumer Goods, an opportunity for customers to leverage climate action to reduce their scope-3 emissions. This momentum helps Lenzing to further reduce its own operational and the up-stream suppliers’ emissions.


Krishna Manda
VP Corporate Sustainability

One for life: Climate action at SIGG

„We decided to work with ClimatePartner because they share our values, perform in-depth calculations of our product and corporate carbon footprints, and give professional answers to all of our questions about climate action, footprints and the reduction of carbon emissions.“

René ab Egg
Marketing Director

Climate action from A to Ytong - CO2 reduction at Xella

"It is our mission to design energy-efficient, costeffective and sustainable construction, housing and living … and by setting clear targets on CO2 emissions, resource conservation, diversity and equal opportunities, our ESG Strategy provides the blueprint to achieve that mission."

Cecile Fages
Chief Sustainability and Communications Officer

A roadmap for decarbonisation

“With the support of ClimatePartner, we have set up a roadmap to further reduce our emissions to meet the 1.5 °C ambition level. The first projects are already underway.” 

Hubertus Schomacher
Quality and ASI Manager

Picnic Time leads the way with ClimatePartner certified

"Getting people outside and enjoying the great outdoors is core to who we are here at Picnic Time. If we're not doing our part to help nurture and maintain Mother Earth, then we are working against our purpose. We're overjoyed to be able to provide people with products that not only encourage them to get outside but also to do their part in helping reduce our human footprint. ClimatePartner shares our vision, and we are so glad that this partnership can help broaden our collective goal of sustainability."

Paul Cosaro
Captain Picnic

The world’s first vegetarian restaurant is ClimatePartner certified

"Conscious action is an integral part of our business model, we embrace our pioneering role and set a good example with the support of our partners and ClimatePartner. We are constantly challenging the status quo and continuously improving to do our part for a livable future for generations to come."

Bryan Austern
Head of Product & Quality and member of the Executive Board

LIDL GB and Duncan Farms: Tackling the scope 3 challenge

"It has been a great opportunity developing Woodcote Responsible Free Range Eggs with Lidl and ClimatePartner. We have implemented a range of on-farm and wider supply chain measures to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of Responsible Eggs. Most significantly, we have successfully eliminated imported soy from our hens’ feed and replaced it with sustainably produced, homegrown field beans. The 57% reduction in carbon is a fantastic achievement but we remain eager to continually identify and implement further measures."

Alistair McBain
Farm Operations Manager

BLACKROLL: Where health meets climate action

"We do many things right, but we are not perfect. And we agree that we can do something for fair and regenerative economics as well as climate action. Sustainable regeneration occurs when we take responsibility. Being responsible as a company, while also strengthening individual responsibility, is a task we take very seriously. Because no matter what the issue is, it all starts with YOU. Even if it sounds nice and sells well. But it is not sustainable. That's why we take responsibility for your personal responsibility. And for our carbon emissions, we take responsibility by investing in certified climate projects from ClimatePartner, among other things."

Linda Kotin
CSR Manager

Nature's Pride

"Since its founding in 2001, Nature's Pride has always prioritised care for people and nature. Therefore, we actively work on reducing emissions in areas such as cultivation, transportation, energy, and waste. Our collaboration with ClimatePartner enables us not only to calculate our footprint, but also to set targets and understand where we can truly make an impact. ClimatePartner helps us integrate climate action into our processes. This way, we effectively take responsibility and contribute to a sustainable future."

Isidora Penning de Vries
Advisor Sustainable Business
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