Tiny Life by Atelier Seitz GmbH

Tiny house – tiny footprint 

Tiny Life by Atelier Seitz GmbH 

Tiny Life by Atelier Seitz GmbH

When most trade fairs were cancelled in the spring of 2020 due to the corona pandemic, Atelier Seitz GmbH, which specialized in trade fair construction, was faced with a financial challenge which it overcame in creative fashion: Its employees organised a competition to brainstorm ideas for new products. One such idea was the development and production of a modular, long-lasting child’s bed that can grow with the child and be repurposed for other uses.  

At the same time, the idea of ‘tiny houses’ on wheels was born. This mini home trend began in the United States and has finally reached Europe. One of the points of the trend is to scale back on home essentials for the sake of financial freedom and personal independence. Additionally, the use of smaller quantities of sustainable building materials contributes to the fight against global warming and the protection of the environment.  

As with all new product ideas, the company’s priority was sustainability from the outset, so every single component in a tiny house has been thought through. The wooden construction reduces emissions in the construction process and the efficient use of space in mini and modular houses is to be applauded in an era of rising demand for space and ground sealing. All previous efforts aside, the company is going one step further in its commitment to fight global warming. 

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“We wanted to be able to offset unavoidable carbon emissions from production, assembly and disassembly and the transportation of people and materials. ClimatePartner made that possible!” 

Michael Kapper
Managing Director
Atelier Seitz GmbH