Less packaging waste – more climate action

Less packaging waste – more climate action

January 16, 2023

Mareike Peters, the founder of nkm Naturkosmetik München, has long cherished the dream of producing less packaging waste. She has now succeeded with the introduction of an innovative reusable bottle system. From now on, nkm will be avoiding waste in its product bottles. And a new sustainability standard has been created in the cosmetics industry!

The company offers plant-based and vegan skin care that has even been certified by PETA. Sustainability is at the heart of everything it does – from the cultivation of raw materials to the recycling of bottles. 

What lies behind the reusable bottles 

The new nkm bottles have been specially designed so that each ingredient can be reused up to ten times and remain in the circulation system. Instead of labels, robust ceramic colours adorn the glass flacons. The mono-material tops can also be reprocessed after use. Even the pipette is rinsed and reconnected to the recycled top. To keep the bottles in the cycle, nkm relies on customer engagement and creates additional incentives such as free return shipping and discounts on the next purchase. With the introduction of the reusable system, the cosmetics company can reduce the carbon footprint of glass bottles by 30 per cent. 

The rebranding is a big step for nkm – we are showing how much we have developed over the last two years and also how aesthetic sustainability can be.”   
Love Adu, Head of Graphics & Design at nkm

Regionality as a further element in climate action 

In addition to resource-saving packaging, nkm is focusing on regionality. This means that the shortest possible transport routes apply to all raw materials and ingredients. The products are constantly optimised on the basis of performance and regionality criteria. For example, a cucumber hydrolate from Germany replaces the rose hydrolate from Bulgaria, and instead of rose water, an upcycled apple water product is used. The paper for the new folding boxes is sourced from the nearby handmade paper mill in Gmund am Tegernsee. 

Taking responsibility for all CO2 emissions 

Since 2020, nkm has been carbon neutral at both a company and product level. This means that the CO2 emissions were calculated and reduced together with ClimatePartner and the unabated emissions were offset. For the offsetting, nkm decided on an international forest protection project that is certified according to international standards. Since regional commitment is very important to the company, a tree is voluntarily planted in Germany for every tonne of CO2 offset. In this way, nkm also contributes to the adaptation of its local forests to climate change.